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Our Patients’ Smile Makeovers – See Them Before and After Lumineers
March 24, 2022

before and after Hinsdale Lumineers

We’re proud to be one of the leading Lumineers providers in the U.S. Dr. Harnois travels nationally to train other dentists in his veneer placement techniques so that they’re able to deliver incredible results for their patients. But you don’t need to take it from us – hear directly from our patients on their veneer experiences, and see their stunning smiles to gain insight into the process.

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Lumineers Patient – Susan

before and after lumineers

  • Why she wanted a smile makeover – Susan had received veneers from another Chicago area dentist, but she hated the results. Her teeth didn’t look natural and she was unhappy with their appearance. She was interested in finding an experienced provider that could allow her to gain what she’d wanted to from the procedure initially.
  • Life after Lumineers – Susan worked with Dr. Harnois through the smile design process and he placed her new veneers to rave reviews. She appreciated having input at each step of the process. Susan loves her new smile and is so relieved to have finally achieved her perfect grin. Her first set of veneers are nothing more than a bad memory.

Lumineers Patient – Dr. Jeff

before and after lumineers

  • Why he wanted a smile makeover – Dr. Jeff wanted to carefully tailor his smile to improve tooth size, shape and color, and create overall symmetry. He learned about Dr. Harnois’ depth of experience and was interested in working with someone so dedicated to his craft.
  • Life after Lumineers – Dr. Jeff was pleased with the smoothness of the process and appreciated it taking only two appointments. He’s thrilled with his results and loves that his smile looks natural.

Lumineers Patient – Al

before and after lumineers

  • Why he wanted a smile makeover – Al’s teeth had sustained significant wear and damage, and his smile was discolored. He would often hide his teeth and felt self-conscious smiling. His wife received veneers, and he witnessed the process and how happy she was with her results. That experience convinced him to try Lumineers for himself.
  • Life after Lumineers – Al received temporary trial veneers while his Lumineers were being fabricated so that he could live normally during the process. With his permanent veneers, he experienced a true transformation. He’s so excited to be able to smile comfortably and speak normally without feeling concerned about the appearance of his teeth. He’s experienced a true boost in confidence that is impacting his entire life.

Lumineers Patient – Zach

before and after lumineers

  • Why he wanted a smile makeover – Zach had been grinding his teeth at night for years and had sustained quite a bit of enamel wear. His smile wasn’t full and his teeth were sensitive, and his teeth were also slightly crooked. He wasn’t interested in Invisalign and wanted a treatment that could address both the worn enamel and tooth straightening. He chose Lumineers because he didn’t want his natural teeth to be significantly altered in order for the veneers to fit in place.
  • Life after Lumineers – Zach loved his Lumineers experience and appreciated the thorough answers to any questions that he had. He also wore temporary Lumineers for a month while his final veneers were fabricated and liked being able to see what his new smile would be like. He was able to restore tooth length and also straighten his teeth. He received a full upper and lower set of veneers for a comprehensive smile makeover that will be in place for many years to come.

What will your Lumineers story be?

If you’ve ever considered a smile makeover, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Lumineers. Our patients love them because they provide a positive treatment process, natural-looking results, and long-term changes to their lives. If you’d like to learn more, check out our other blog posts about Lumineers:

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