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iTero Digital Impressions

Short, Comfortable Dental Impressions with Digital Scanning

A Better Dental Experience

Our Invisalign providers use the digital scanning system iTero to take virtual, highly accurate 3d impressions of your oral anatomy. By capturing these precise images prior to beginning Invisalign treatment, we are able to make your orthodontic process faster and offer the best possible results. With iTero, fewer adjustments are needed, leading to shorter and less frequent appointments – and, ultimately, less time spent in Invisalign aligners. That means that you’ll arrive at your final smile more quickly, and make your treatment as efficient and rewarding as possible.

iTero is a comfortable, safe, and precise method for taking an impression, ensuring an accurate model and superior treatment results.

iTero minimizes the need to recall patients and re-take impressions. iTero eliminates the mess and gagging associated with PVS impression gels. iTero even allows our dentists to visualize and share how your teeth will look after Invisalign – before you even begin your treatment. Those benefits are ones that we hope to share with every one of our patients.

No more mess, gagging or uncomfortable dental impressions.

Traditional Impression Technique

hinsdale lumineers

iTero Digital Impression Technique

hinsdale veneers

iTero is certified compliant with Invisalign treatment. It functions as an ideal accessory to your Invisalign treatment planning, and the fabrication of your orthodontic aligners.

When you’re choosing Invisalign treatment, you already have your own concerns about wearing orthodontic appliances – that’s why you’ve decided on a subtle approach. With iTero, straightening your teeth becomes even more convenient. Hinsdale Dentistry offers impressions with the iTero system to improve the dental experience for orthodontic patients and dental patients alike. Whether you’re hoping for speedy Invisalign treatment, or excited about gel-free impressions, this system is appropriate for your next appointment.

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