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Laser Dentistry

Our top priority is patient comfort. We are constantly researching new techniques that will allow us to provide pain-free but efficient dental care, so that you can spend a short, relaxing time in the dental chair and then get out and show off your healthy and beautiful smile. Laser dentistry is a powerful and painless treatment method that allows our dentist to perform a wide range of dental procedures.

Laser-dentistry-hinsdale-oakbrook Our dentists have been employing laser dentistry at our practice for years and have performed thousands of laser dental procedures in both children and adults. Dr. Harnois is certified with the World Clinical Laser Institute and would love to discuss these procedures with you or answer any questions. Learn more about our pain-free dental laser treatments during a free consultation.

Overall, these dental lasers eliminate pain, shots, the sound of the dental drill and allow us to preserve healthy tooth structure. Dr. Harnois & Dr. Kowalczyk can painlessly remove decay from both children’s and adults’ teeth.

Exactly what can lasers do for my teeth?

Biolase MD Waterlase

laser-dentistry-hinsdale-oakbrook-clarendonhillsBiolase allows for removal of cavities and reshaping of tooth structure without pain or anesthesia. As opposed to working through friction (like a standard dental drill), WaterLase uses combination laser and water/air spray to cut tissue and tooth structure. This eliminates the heat that causes a great deal of drilling-related pain. Like Diagnodent, Waterlase requires minimal contact, generally eliminating the need for anesthesia. Waterlase is also highly precise and safer than a drill, reducing side effects of tooth alteration (such as tooth cracks or nerve damage).

Different types of dental lasers allow your dentist to:

Hinsdale Laser Dentistry, Laser Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Perform dental procedures without shots
  • Easily detect, eliminate, and fill cavities
  • Cure fillings and other restorative materials
  • Shape tooth structures
  • Remove tooth disease
  • Perform minor dental surgeries
  • Cosmetic gum reshaping
  • Fast and low sensitivity teeth whitening

Most importantly, laser dentistry allows for the above procedures to take place while achieving the following:

  • Reducing bleeding
  • Controlling swelling
  • No irritating drilling or whining sounds
  • Reducing the need for local anesthesia
  • Minimizing post procedural discomfort and recovery time

Who can benefit from laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is crucial for patients who are concerned about undergoing dental procedures, such as children, those with sensitive teeth, or individuals suffering from dental anxiety. But laser dentistry is appropriate for every patient, and an amazing alternative to a dental drill. While in use, the laser is quiet and merely accompanied by cool air to keep the treatment area clean and dry. Your dentist will provide you with glasses to protect your eyes, and you will be able to calmly enjoy your dental procedure.

At Hinsdale Dentistry, we are proud to use the following dental lasers:

Diagnodent Classic

Diagnodent is a decay-detecting handheld system that identifies decay without altering the tooth. Before Diagnodent, a typical non-laser examination for decay could include x-rays, physical exploration of the tooth’s structure, and even drilling. With Diagnodent, we are able to spot decay merely by passing the laser over your teeth. By measuring the tooth’s fluorescence (reflection of certain wavelengths of light) to determine mineral content, Diagnodent reveals all decay, even that beneath the surface of the enamel, in cracks, or obscured by any other tooth structure. This means that we barely need to touch your teeth to discover decay!

WaterLase iPlus

Hinsdale waterlase iplusTooth preparation is a process that can inspire anxiety. Patients uncomfortable with the dental drill will find relief with the WaterLase iPlus. This hard and soft tissue laser removes cavities and alters tooth structure without offering the same drawbacks as a dental drill. Children and adults alike love what the iPlus has to offer:

  • Treatment is potentially anesthesia-free. The laser is so gentle on teeth (and doesn’t produce friction as it works) that shots of anesthesia may not be necessary for pain-free treatment. This removes the need for needles, numbness, or recovery time.
  • Highly precise treatment. The iPlus is incredibly selective, meaning it won’t affect healthy tissues or cause microfractures in teeth.
  • Reduced chance of infection. Individual laser tips are patient-specific, reducing the chances of infection.

Biolase Epic

Hinsdale Biolase Epic

Teeth whitening is nearly universally desirable, but hasn’t always been possible for the full spectrum of patients. Those with sensitive, deeply stained teeth find exposure to professional-strength whitening gel painful. With the Epic laser, we’re able to catalyze whitening without causing twinges. Your results will be dazzling, and the process comfortable.

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