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Dental Implants

Missing teeth don’t need to affect your appearance, bite, or chewing ability. They can be easily replaced with the aid of dental implants.

Dental implants prevent your bite from shifting, fill out your jaw to preserve your mouth’s appearance and prevent bone disintegration, and keep the skin around your vacant tooth from shrinking and aging your face.

What do tooth implants do, exactly?

Dental implants, titanium root replacements, are a modern dental everyman. They are able to work as a structural aid for other dental restorations like crowns, bridges and dentures. Once installed, dental implants are stable, comfortable, and secure within your mouth. As titanium is highly biocompatible, it fuses with your natural osseous tissue.

Dental implants can help solidify bridges, dentures, and single or multiple crowns. Implants reduce the need to depend on surrounding teeth for new dental structure stability, lessening wear and pull on your natural teeth and tissues. In some cases, we also offer mini dental implants, which can be placed in the mouth through a largely non-invasive process.

Dental implants are crucial in resolving the following dental concerns:

    • Single Missing Tooth – A dental implant in conjunction with a porcelain crown will provide an unnoticeable replacement for both your tooth and root structures.
    • Several Missing Teeth – Several dental implants can support several independent crowns, so that you will still have distinct teeth and can return your mouth to its natural state. You may also elect to install a partial bridge.
    • All Teeth Missing – Dental implants will ground a bridge, dentures, or individual tooth replacements. It is possible to replace every tooth with a dental implant-supported porcelain crown, so that your bite feels and looks completely natural.

If you have felt self-conscious about missing teeth, wished for chewing comfort, or hoped to add structure to vacant spaces in your jaw, dental implants could change everything. Let us restore your smile – call Hinsdale Dentistry today at (630)323-4468 or schedule an appointment online to arrange a free consultation.