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Hinsdale Pediatric Dentists Simplify Pediatric Dental Care
November 13, 2012

Wondering about the common dental milestones that will occur during your child’s development? Hinsdale pediatric dentists allow that while it is important to adhere to certain guidelines (like commencing dental visits around your child’s first birthday), different kids will experience dental development at different speeds. Additionally, this dental attitudes survey suggests that children are more receptive to oral hygiene instruction at different points. Due to both these variable factors, it is crucial that oral health promotion “be designed to be a continuous process rather than a short-term intervention.” Your Hinsdale pediatric dentists offer tips, resources, and pediatric dental aids to help you get your kids excited about oral hygiene.

–       Learn what to expect during tooth development. Knowing when and how your children will need your help to grow healthy teeth and gums allows you to practice preventive dentistry from the start. There are plenty of online guides to children’s dental development – this list of children’s dental milestones from Dental Care.com has information on corresponding steps parents need to take to ensure healthy oral development. This Crest oral hygiene Q&A covers common parental dental concerns.

–       Get your kids acquainted with their Hinsdale pediatric dentist. Help them see the dentist as a friendly, caring figure to cut down on typical childhood dental anxiety. Hinsdale dentistry offers a number of child-oriented amenities to make trips to the dentist fun and relaxing. Laser cavity detection and pain-free laser fillings allow Hinsdale pediatric dentists to eliminate decay without eliciting any dental anxiety.

–       Schedule regular teeth cleanings! Preventive dentistry falls by the wayside when your kids aren’t receiving professional teeth cleanings from their Hinsdale pediatric dentists every six months.

–       Teach excellent oral hygiene by example. Your kids respect you and look to you while learning how to lead their lives. Brush and floss with your kids when possible to help ensure that they are brushing correctly and for the right length of time. Seeing you engage in oral hygiene will help your kids view dental care as a grown-up task, not just a “kid thing.”

Are your kids still not convinced? Try finding some dental health activities to illustrate the importance of oral hygiene in a visual, entertaining way. And address any questions to your Hinsdale pediatric dentists: their combined years of pediatric dental experience make them experts on all child-related dental concerns.

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