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Hinsdale, IL Dentists Eliminate Dental Anxiety with NuCalm
November 6, 2012
Make dental anxiety a thing of the long-ago past!
Make dental anxiety a thing of the long-ago past!

Your Hinsdale dentists are well aware that dental anxiety is often present in our society, magnified by nightmarish, cartoony dental situations in books, movie, and television shows. These horror-filled representations seem to dictate how we are supposed to feel about dental treatment, while simultaneously making us dread our next non-fictional dentist’s appointment all the more. How about a realistic account of what modern dental treatment is like? Rather than imagine a crazy-eyed caricature of a dentist behind an impossibly large drill, consider the soothing office space, compassionate and helpful staff, and experienced sedation dentists of Hinsdale Dentistry.

Dental fear stems from anxiety over dental pain, and your Hinsdale dentists present anesthetic options that will render your dental procedure painless. In addition to options like local anesthesia and nitrous oxide, Hinsdale Dentistry offers a revolutionary drug-free relaxation technique called NuCalm.

NuCalm can work alone or in combination with other dental anesthetics to induce intense relaxation and remove your fear, but not your awareness, from the dental chair. NuCalm ushers you into a pre-sleep state in just 3-5 minutes. You will:

  1. Chew all-natural tablets containing nutraceuticals that reduce your adrenaline level
  2. Have two patches applied behind your ears for minor microcurrent stimulation, which quickens your natural relaxation.
  3. Put on noise-cancelling headphones and listen to calming music layered with neuroacoustic sounds that lull your brain into a pre-sleep stage of relaxation.
  4. Wear dark glasses to remove as many outside stimuli as possible and keep you in a soothed state.

Your relaxation effects will not persist past your appointment time; in fact, many patients report feeling renewed and refreshed after a NuCalm experience. Much more positive than the lingering numbness and sore mouth associated with traditional anesthesia! You may even find yourself anticipating your next Hinsdale Dentistry visit. Call your Hinsdale, IL dental practice to discuss NuCalm or other anesthetic options for your next appointment.

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