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Hinsdale Dentist Offers Invisalign For Discretely Straightened Teeth
November 27, 2012

During the holiday season, you spend a great deal of time greeting old friends and family, meeting new acquaintances, and grooming yourself to put your best face forward. Because  we’re engaging in these social gatherings, we’re hyper conscious of our appearance and critical of features with which we aren’t completely satisfied. Enter crooked teeth. Throughout these gatherings, countless adults are hiding their smiles. They’re self conscious of teeth with gaps, uneven tooth alignment, or crookedness. They compromise their enjoyment of these get togethers because they are unhappy with their smiles. Your Hinsdale dentist cringes at the thought of covered smiles. Enter Invisalign.

Invisalign is a branch of alternative orthodontics, which encompass technologies that straighten teeth without the use of traditional metal braces. Whereas metal braces require years of treatment, highly visible brackets and wires, and a restricted diet, alternative orthodontics strive to allow your Hinsdale dentist to straighten your teeth without disrupting your life in any way. If you have a minor malocclusion (bad bite), alternative orthodontics can perfect your smile quickly and comfortably.

Invisalign involves a series of fitted, clear trays you wear when not eating. Invisalign patients visit their Hinsdale dentist about once a month to receive new trays and keep their teeth moving consistently. As Invisalign does not obstruct your smile, you can readily watch the straightening process and appreciate your straighter teeth even before treatment has completed. Invisalign trays are unnoticeable in your mouth and removable at any time – so at that special occasion, you need not even have Invisalign between your smile and the world. Invisalign treatment generally takes as little as eight months to a year to complete, all while enjoying your regular activities and social life.

Your Hinsdale dentist also offers Invisalign express and Six Month Smiles for patients with specific straightening needs and time constraints. There exists an alternative orthodontic solution for patients with a variety of smiles and concerns – simply schedule a complimentary consultation with your Hinsdale dentist to discuss which is appropriate for your teeth.

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