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Embracing Family Dental Care
October 3, 2013

Hinsdale family dentistYou love your family, and hope to spend as much time with them as possible. That wish can actually extend to many areas of your life, including your dental health. Engaging in dental care and oral hygiene with every member of your family leads to improved relationships and strong dental attitudes. When you show your children that there’s nothing to fear from the dentist, and so much to gain from taking excellent care of their teeth, they’ll respond to the positive example you set and strive to follow suit. Our Hinsdale dental practice accepts every member of your family for treatment, creating a healthy community in which oral health is truly a family affair.

Dental Health for the Whole Family

There are concrete ways you can engage in healthy dental practices with every member of your family.

  • Brush and floss together. By taking part in oral hygiene alongside your kids, you’ll both monitor that they’re brushing/flossing correctly and show them that oral hygiene is a grown up thing to do. Show your kids that dental care is important to you.
  • Provide your home with tooth-healthy snacks. Giving your children foods that are great for their teeth will help them prevent cavities. They grow and thrive on the diet you provide them, and their teeth will be stronger if they get the right foods.
  • Get a little competitive. Create a brushing and flossing chart that every member of the family can be a part of. Chart each member’s daily brushing and flossing and award a prize to the most consistent teeth cleaner at the end of the month. There can also be incentives for cavity-free dental exams.

Family Dentistry at Hinsdale Dentistry

Our family dentists are prepared to serve the needs of both adults and children, all while being gentle but effective in their methods. To schedule your exams, just get in touch.