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Why Replace Missing Teeth
September 25, 2013

Hinsdale replace missing teeth

If you’ve been missing time for some time, there’s a reason behind the reason you’ve chosen to wait to receive dental work. We’re here to urge you to replace your missing teeth soon – and reap the benefits that will follow. With today’s proliferation of dental restorations and techniques, you’ll be able to replace your teeth in a manner with which you are comfortable. After filling out your smile, you’ll be amazed by the extensive emotional, healthful, and social changes in your life.

Why Should I Replace My Missing Teeth?

  • Oral health – Missing teeth create opportunities for bacteria to gather. Consider the dark, removed spaces left by missing teeth – they’re perfect breeding ground for oral bacteria. This will lead to cavities in surrounding teeth, as well as potential periodontal disease. Replacing missing teeth will fill in these spaces and make them easier for you to clean, improving tooth and gum health.
  • Self confidence – When your smile is riddled with holes, you feel less than whole. We base a great deal of our self esteem on what our teeth look like. When your smile is restored, you will feel healthy, happy, and strong. You’ll be excited to share your smile with the world, and will radiate confidence.
  • Daily comfort – Common tasks like speaking and chewing become chores when you’re missing teeth. Relieve some of your stress and strife by restoring your mouth’s former function.
  • Social presence – Your teeth communicate a great deal about you. A smile without gaps is a healthy smile, and your teeth will speak to that. Others evaluate you based on your teeth; it’s common for people to cite a smile as the first thing they notice about someone. By putting a great smile forth, you’re exposing people to your healthiest, most capable, most confident self. This will improve both your social and professional interactions.

Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

Dental restorations available at Hinsdale Dentistry include dental implants, porcelain crowns, dental bridges, dentures, partials, and more. No matter your case, we will work with you to find the best possible restorative option. To get started, simply give us a call.