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Hinsdale, IL Dentists Improve Patient Experience Via Laser Dentistry
December 4, 2012

Your Hinsdale, IL dentists are constantly searching for ways to enhance your time spent in the dental chair. Comfortable patients are more likely to be receptive of information about their dental health and return to the dentist regularly to maintain their healthy teeth. And, most simply: happy patients mean happy dentists! Providing painless dental care may seem like an impossibility, but emerging technologies are making that a reality. Hinsdale, IL dentists have found incredible, pain-free techniques in laser dentistry.

The team at Hinsdale Dentistry has been using laser dentistry for years, performing thousands of laser treatments for both children and adults. They don’t want the possibility of a new technology to intimidate patients, and are open to answering any questions you may have before your laser dental procedure to ensure your comfort.

Well, why laser dentistry? What can it accomplish?

Dental lasers do the jobs of drills and other more abrasive dental tools. But they allow dentists to complete procedures without the same patient discomfort, unpleasant tool sounds, or need for anesthesia. Highly effective lasers can reveal tooth decay, aid in oral surgery procedures, remove tooth decay, and even identify oral cancer in soft tissues. Dental lasers are especially helpful in pediatric dental cases or for those with dental anxiety: they redefine the dental experience. Check out this exhaustive list of what laser dentistry makes possible:

  • Detecting, eliminating, and filling cavities
  • Curing fillings and dental materials
  • Shaping new tooth structures or reshaping existing structures
  • Boosting teeth whitening
  • Removing tooth disease
  • Performing minor dental surgeries

What types of lasers are in use at Hinsdale Dentistry? What can I expect during my dental laser treatment?

1. DIAGNOdent:

Diagnodent is a handheld laser system that allows your Hinsdale dentist to identify decay without altering the tooth. Without the Diagnodent laser, a typical search for tooth decay involved x-rays, scraping and picking of the teeth, and even drilling. When your Hinsdale, IL dentists use Diagnodent, they spot decay by simply guiding the laser across your teeth. Hinsdale dentists measure the tooth’s fluorescence (reflection of certain wavelengths of light) to determine mineral content, revealing decay, even decay hidden beneath the surface of the enamel, in cracks, or between teeth. Incredibly effective without any discomfort!

2. Biolase MD Waterlase:

Biolase allows your Hinsdale, IL dentists to both eliminiate decay and reshape of teeth without pain or anesthesia. WaterLase combines laser and water/air spray to cut tissue and tooth structure. This removes the friction that leads to pain during dental drilling. As with the Diagnodent, Waterlase utilizes little contact, reducing the need for anesthesia. Waterlase is also incredibly precise and safer than a drill, minimizing side effects of tooth alteration (small tooth cracks or damage to nerves).

Does this sound too revolutionary and incredible to be true? Schedule an appointment with your Hinsdale, IL dentist and experience the laser dentistry difference.

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