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Why Veneers Are Getting Better and Better
July 11, 2022

Woman with bright white Lumineers smile.

Have you considered getting veneers but hesitated because you thought they might look…well…fake? Believe it or not, modern veneers have come a long way. They are no longer bulky and cookie-cutter. Today’s technology means big improvements in making veneers look completely real and complimentary to your unique smile. Today’s veneers can give you a complete smile makeover while looking natural and keeping your treatment time to a minimum.

Improvements in Veneer Capabilities Over Time

The first temporary veneers were invented in the 1930s, although they were rudimentary at best and were only worn for a couple of hours by actors in movies. Permanent veneers did not come around until the 1980s. Even though the earliest versions of permanent veneers were not nearly as natural-looking as today’s options, they were incredibly expensive and reserved only for the rich and famous.

This is not the case anymore. Since that time, veneers have been continuously improved upon. A couple of decades ago, veneers were made 100% with porcelain. Porcelain is a great choice because it is strong and resembles dental enamel. However, the processes of manufacturing the material, shaping the veneers, and applying them to teeth, were not yet perfected.

In recent years, the materials used to create veneers have been significantly improved upon. Now, veneers are much thinner, stronger, and more customizable to your individual smile.

Unique Benefits of Lumineers

Many consider Lumineers to be the gold standard in veneers. Choosing this brand of veneers ensures a high-quality product.


Lumineers are veneers that are thinner than ever. In fact, Lumineers are about the thickness of a contact lens. Take a minute to think about how thin that actually is, and you will be seriously impressed. The fact that Lumineers are so thin means that they look just like natural teeth and not bulky add-ons.


Modern Lumineers are made of specialized porcelain reinforced with leucite crystals. This material allows for the Lumineers to be ultra-thin, but it is extremely durable and can resist breakage well.

Mimic Natural Enamel

The state-of-the-art materials used to create Lumineers make them look almost exactly like natural tooth enamel. Unlike some other materials that are used to make traditional veneers, the material used for Lumineers is translucent and reflects light similarly to natural teeth.

Natural-looking Final Results

It goes without saying that you want a completely natural-looking smile. Lumineers can give you exactly that. They are completely custom-made for you to complement your features. This means you don’t get a generic set of teeth on your unique face. This customization, coupled with their translucency and thinness, makes Lumineers a great choice for many patients to get their ideal transformation.

Ease of Application

Another excellent benefit to choosing Lumineers is their ease of application. They only require two visits after your initial consultation (one to take a mold for their fabrication and customization and one to apply them). Unlike traditional veneers, many patients do not need to have their teeth prepped by removing layers of enamel. For this reason, getting Lumineers often does not require an anesthetic, and they may also be reversible.

Beautiful Results

It is nearly impossible to tell that someone has modern veneers, especially when you choose Lumineers. But that doesn’t mean the results won’t blow you away. Patients achieve amazing transformations with Lumineers, and you could too.

At Hinsdale Dentistry, we are excited to offer the chance to preview what you would look like with Lumineers with LumiSmile dental digital imaging. Before you commit, preview your new smile with this quick, easy, and free technology. Schedule a consultation today and learn about whether you are a candidate for Veneers.

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