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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?
June 22, 2022

Patient calculating the cost of dental implants on a calculator.

Dental implants have a reputation for being pricey. And, like any advanced medical procedure, it’s true that implants can have a significant price tag. Of course, what you end up paying out-of-pocket for your implants can vary widely depending on how extensive your treatment plan is and whether your insurance will cover a portion of your implants.

Read on to find out more about the cost of dental implants, insurance coverage, and (maybe most important of all) if dental implants are worth the investment.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

It’s always important to plan your out-of-pocket costs before receiving dental work. And we are here to help you through that process. The cost of implants will vary for a lot of reasons, including where you live, your provider’s experience, and the number of implants you need.

The cost of a single implant can range from $3,000-$4,500. Some practices offer discounts for multiple implants. Always ask your provider for the total cost upfront before you begin treatment. That way, there shouldn’t be expensive surprises as the process gets underway.

Dental implants are more expensive than other restorations like dentures, partials, or bridges. Because they involve a surgical procedure, more work and time are involved. But although implants cost more, they are also more reliable and longer-lasting.

Other options, on the other hand, degrade over time and will need to be replaced. While the initial cost of these treatments is more affordable than implants, you’ll likely be paying again within a few years.

Will Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Though policies vary, most dental insurance plans cover routine maintenance, dental emergencies, and basic restorations such as fillings. While other tooth replacement options may be covered, implants rarely are. Get familiar with the restorative procedures included in your coverage before starting tooth replacement. Plans also tend to have low maximums for annual coverage.

While most insurances do not cover implants, dental insurance may provide partial coverage for some procedures related to your implants. Diagnosis and x-rays are often covered. In addition, if you need an extraction prior to implants or are pairing an implant with a crown, your insurance could help pay for those steps. Similarly, some medical insurance plans also cover preparatory implant procedures like bone grafts.

Ask your provider to help you understand your potential implant coverage. They should talk you through the steps to help you maximize your benefits and achieve affordable implants.

Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

It is essential to take all of your tooth replacement options into account when researching the best long-term solution for treating missing teeth. While dental implants have a higher price tag compared to the costs of a bridge or a partial denture, dental implants also last significantly longer – even a lifetime. When critical details like a patient’s age, how often the restoration will need to be replaced, and potential damage to surrounding teeth are factored in, implants often come out ahead.

Other benefits of dental implants include:

  • No harm or damage to surrounding teeth
  • Looking and feeling like a natural tooth
  • Preventing bone loss
  • Keeping adjacent teeth stable
  • Preventing facial sagging and premature aging
  • You clean and care for implants the same way you do your natural teeth

Dental implants have an exceptionally high success rate. If they integrate with the jawbone as expected, they will stay in place comfortably for many years to come. When you decide to get a dental implant, you’re making a lasting decision. If you can afford to make the upfront investment, you may actually save money in the long run.

Do You Want to Learn More?

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