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4 Things You May Not Know About LUMINEERS
September 18, 2013


LUMINEERS are something we love to talk about at Hinsdale Dentistry, because they’ve changed the lives of so many of our patients. While followers of our blog will have a basic understanding of what LUMINEERS do, these restorations are so remarkable that there are likely a few aspects you aren’t aware of yet. This week’s blog post brings up a few of the surprising things LUMINEERS have to offer, both related to the veneer procedure and to LUMINEERS’ qualities. If you’ve been on the fence about pursuing aesthetic dental treatment, this may help you make the big decision.

Why Hinsdale Dentistry Chooses LUMINEERS

  • LUMINEERS can be no-prep veneers. “No-prep veneers” means that the veneer procedure will not entail tooth reduction. Many veneers won’t fit over natural teeth unless the teeth are reduced to make space. The incredible thinness of LUMINEERS makes them simple to slip over teeth, without shaving off portions of your natural enamel. This preserves your natural teeth while creating a new smile.
  • Your veneers will be individually tailored. Not only are your LUMINEERS carefully, individually crafted, they will be shaded and shaped by your dentist once on your teeth. This will ensure you leave our office with a smile that suits you and looks at home on your face.
  • LUMINEERS can offer a shot-free appointment. Because LUMINEERS can be no-prep, you may not need shots of anesthesia to receive them. This means you’ll have little downtime and no needles to deal with.
  • Your LUMINEERS may last for decades. The durability of LUMINEERS makes them a lasting restoration that will remain a part of your smile for years to come.

Beginning the LUMINEERS Journey

Visit our office to receive a LUMISmile digital smile makeover. You’ll get a better idea of what LUMINEERS can do for your teeth, and get more excited about the process! Simply contact us to set a date.