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Top 10 Resolutions to Improve Your Oral Health
January 20, 2019

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Perhaps you haven’t taken great care of your teeth in years past, and your dental exams have reflected your less-than-perfect care routine. The new year is an excellent time for a new beginning and a fresh start on your oral health. Boost your tooth care habits with these top 10 resolutions for a brighter, healthier smile.


Start Flossing Regularly

If you have been an inconsistent flosser in years past, add flossing to your daily routine this year. Flossing takes just a few minutes and only needs to be done once a day. Each time you floss, you are removing food particles and bacteria that can lead to plaque buildup and cavities. We recommend not only moving the floss up and down between your teeth, but also against the sides of your teeth. Holding the floss in a “C” shape can help you reach every surface of the tooth. Holding the floss in a curve shape also allows you to clean below the gum line efficiently.


Upgrade Your Toothbrush

Anyone who has been using a manual toothbrush for ages will surely appreciate upgrading to an electric toothbrush. Using advanced technology, electric toothbrushes can remove plaque faster and more efficiently than is possible by brushing with a manual toothbrush.

Regardless of the type of toothbrush you have, it should be replaced every 3-4 months.


Switch Your Toothpaste

Like everything else, it is a good idea to switch up your toothpaste every so often. Trying something new can make brushing your teeth more exciting, and you can always go back to the one you liked.


Brush the Right Way

You may already be brushing your teeth twice a day, for a full two minutes each time. However, using the right brushing technique is vital to a thorough clean. Set a goal this year to brush as thoroughly as possible to make your brushing efforts more effective.

The proper technique to use while brushing your teeth is to:

  1. Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums.
  2. Gently move the brush back and forth in short, tooth-wide strokes
  3. Brush the outer surfaces, the inner surfaces, and the chewing surfaces of each tooth
  4. To clean the inside surfaces of the front teeth, tilt your toothbrush vertically and make several up-and-down motions.

Brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush. The size and shape of your toothbrush should fit your mouth allowing you to reach all areas easily.


Eat Tooth-Friendly Foods

One of the most common resolutions people make is to take better care of their body through exercising and proper nutrition. However, did you know that the foods you choose and how often you eat them can affect your oral health too? For healthy living and healthy teeth and gums, think before you eat and drink. Eating a balanced diet and limiting your sugar and starch intake can reduce your risk for tooth decay and other health risks.


Drink More Water

Set a goal to replace other drinks like soda, coffee and sports drinks with water and watch your body reap the benefits from this simple swap. Staying hydrated and drinking more water has a variety of healthful benefits, including keeping your teeth strong and healthy. Water contains fluoride, and this material protects your teeth from erosion. It also cleans acid and sugar off of your teeth with every sip you take.


Quit Tobacco

Cigarettes and other tobacco products are incredibly harmful to your health. There is no better time than the beginning of a new calendar year to quit smoking once and for all.


Straighten Your Smile

Your New Year’s resolution may be to finally correct an abnormal bite caused by an injury, thumb sucking, tooth crowding or crooked teeth. Correcting any of these problems with Invisalign not only enhances the look of your smile but also, and most importantly, improves your oral health.


Schedule Treatments You’ve Been Putting Off

The New Year may be the right time to start or complete deferred restorative dental work, such as crowns, implants or fillings. Completing these types of procedures will help you to preserve the tooth structure and to maintain proper tooth alignment, which could ultimately improve your oral health.


See a Dentist Twice This Year

Do you put off your semi-annual teeth cleanings and exams? Make it a goal to see your dentist at least twice this year. Not seeing a dentist regularly can lead to tartar buildup that leads to gum inflammation and bone loss.

Set tooth-friendly resolutions this year and get started on improving your smile by scheduling your first cleaning of the year with Hinsdale Dentistry.