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Is Laser Dentistry Safe for Kids?
November 3, 2022

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Lasers sound scary, but laser dentistry is not dangerous at all. In fact, when it comes to pediatric dental care, choosing laser dentistry for your child may be an even safer option!

Laser dentistry can treat a number of conditions that are common in children. And it can do so while potentially improving your child’s experience at the dentist.

How Long has Laser Dentistry Been Around?

You may not know much about laser dentistry, but it is not new at all. Dentists have been utilizing lasers since they first became available in 1989. That may not seem that long ago to some of us, but that means that laser dentistry has been in the mainstream for over thirty years. And before that, lasers were studied extensively for decades to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Now lasers are approved by the FDA to treat a long list of dental conditions in both children and adults. Some of the most common laser treatments for children include:

  • Cavities
  • Tongue Tie
  • Gum Lesions

Laser Dentistry is Remarkably Safe

Lasers may sound scary, and in movies, we often see lasers used as the weapon of choice in space battles.  But when used in a medical setting, lasers are not dangerous.

The laser used in laser dentistry consists of concentrated light energy. In fact, lasers can specifically target decay, leaving neighboring healthy tissue unaffected. So, other than the effect it is meant to have on tissue (like destroying decay or cutting a tongue tie), there are no lingering negative effects of laser use.

Some of the benefits of lasers can actually make them safer than traditional dental treatments. For example, unlike Stormtroopers with laser blasters and terrible aim, dental lasers are incredibly precise and easy to maneuver. In fact, they are much more precise than traditional tools because the beam of light is incredibly small. As a result, less healthy tissue is removed when a procedure like a filling is being done.

In addition, lasers seal wounds as they work, decreasing bleeding and swelling. Lastly, lasers are completely sterile, lessening the potential for dental equipment to introduce bacteria into the mouth during treatment.

Why Laser Dentistry is Great for Kids

Laser dentistry is safe for adults and kids, and it is especially beneficial for children (and those who suffer from dental anxiety) for a few appealing reasons.

Less Pain

Laser dentistry is significantly less painful than traditional treatment options. Scalpels are sharp, and drills cause uncomfortable friction. When using these tools, treatment requires local anesthetic, which often means needles. Conversely, many laser procedures are pain-free, often requiring no anesthesia and no needles.

Less Noise

The traditional dental drill is loud, which can understandably make many kids nervous and afraid. The dental laser is much quieter by comparison.  Instead of a loud drilling sound, it makes a quiet pulsing noise that is often described by patients as calming.

Fewer Sharp Tools

Many patients also say that the dental laser is less intimidating to look at than traditional dental tools. It is not sharp or scary-looking like scalpels or drills. In fact, the laser equipment doesn’t even touch your teeth. Many patients are comforted by this aspect of the treatment.

Are You Ready to Experience Laser Dentistry?

More and more families are choosing laser dentistry as the safer, more comfortable option. At Hinsdale Dentistry, we have experience in providing laser dentistry to kids and adults for both hard and soft tissue treatments.

If you are ready to completely transform your family’s experience at the dentist with laser dentistry, call our office and schedule your appointment today.


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