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8 Reasons Laser Dentistry Means a Better Appointment
June 11, 2022

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Laser dentistry is a true breakthrough in how we perform dental procedures. And Hinsdale Dentistry is excited to offer our patients this advanced treatment option. There are so many ways that laser dentistry can improve your experience at the dentist. Below are just some of the benefits of choosing laser dentistry over traditional methods.

Enhanced Comfort

Your comfort is important to us, and to you! Perhaps the biggest benefit of laser dentistry is the fact that it is far more comfortable than other treatment options for a number of reasons, many of which are discussed below in more detail. But, overall, your entire experience with laser dentistry from start to finish and through recovery is more comfortable than traditional treatments.

Reduces/Eliminates the Need for a Drill

One of the largest sources of discomfort during a dental procedure is the noise and vibration of the drill. While earplugs can be used to reduce the noise, they may not eliminate it entirely. Furthermore, there is little that can be done about the unpleasant vibrations caused by the drill. Many times, a drill is entirely unnecessary with laser treatment. When it is necessary, its use can be significantly reduced.

Reduces/Eliminates the Need for Anesthesia

Since a drill is often unnecessary during laser treatment, most patients do not need anesthesia. The laser is not painful because it does not rely on friction to cut into tissue. Therefore you can avoid the lasting numbing effects of some traditional pain-relief options. On the occasions anesthesia is required, it is often is a smaller amount.

Improved Healing

Laser dentistry also results in faster healing. Lasers are more precise, which can result in less tooth or soft tissue loss. They allow for quicker wound healing and less bleeding and swelling. In addition, lasers, because they don’t physically touch your mouth, have less potential to introduce bacteria.

Precise Results

As mentioned above, lasers are more precise than other methods. This results in the preservation of more tissue, including your natural tooth as well as soft tissue, potentially improving outcomes.

Ideal for Patients With Dental Anxiety

Patients with dental anxiety find that laser treatment can vastly improve their experience at the dentist. Anxiety can be triggered by pain, anesthesia, noise, and vibration, all of which can often be avoided with laser treatment.

Speeds up Treatment Time

Not only do lasers promote faster healing, but the procedure itself is completed faster than with traditional methods. In addition to making quicker work of the procedure itself, the fact that you may not need pain relief means shorter appointments since you do not have to wait for the anesthesia to take effect.

Available for a Wide Range of Procedures

Lasers have been around as a dental treatment option for decades and can be used to treat a variety of conditions. Lasers can treat both hard tissue (cavities, root canals) and soft tissue (cosmetic gum reshaping, tongue tie), as well as diagnose decay and whiten teeth.

Lasers used at Hinsdale Dentistry

We use several different state-of-the-art laser technologies to diagnose and treat our patients.

  • Diagnodent Classic- Detects tooth decay without the need for x-ray, physical prodding, or drilling.
  • WaterLase iPlus- Uses a combination of laser and water to cut hard and soft tissue, often eliminating the need for a drill and anesthetic.
  • Biolase Epic- Offers gentle but effective teeth whitening without trays or whitening gel.

Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in using laser dentistry to effectively treat patients while maximizing comfort. If you suffer from dental anxiety, or simply seek a more comfortable experience at the dentist, schedule your next dental appointment with Hinsdale Dentistry today.

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