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Treatment Hacks For Anyone New To Invisalign
November 19, 2021

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When you first start Invisalign treatment, your daily routine will need a few subtle adjustments to make your treatment successful. The overall Invisalign treatment process is simple, straightforward, and takes relatively minimal effort to achieve a new, straighter smile you’re proud to show off.

Here’s a list of our favorite Invisalign treatment hacks for anyone new to Invisalign that are sure to make your treatment time as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Invisalign Hacks From The Pros

There are special considerations attached to daily life and a list of do’s and don’ts to closely follow with orthodontic treatment if you want to achieve successful results. Our staff at Hinsdale Dentistry is here to help you see a straighter smile in the mirror in no time with these treatment tips.

Practice Makes Perfect. 

When you first start wearing Invisalign aligners, you might be a little concerned to find that you’re speaking with a lisp or that it’s difficult for you to speak as you usually would. Practice speaking while wearing your new aligners to reduce the initial lisp, and practice your pronunciation at home so you can adapt to speaking with your new aligners as quickly as possible.

Put Together a Travel Oral Hygiene Kit. 

Brushing and flossing are more valuable than ever during Invisalign. It would be best if you had a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss on hand while you’re away from home because you will need to brush your teeth every time you eat or drink before replacing your aligners. Not cleaning your teeth before putting your aligners back into place puts you at risk for trapping harmful bacteria that create decay and cavities.

Cut Back On Snacking and Sipping. 

You have to clean your teeth after eating and drinking everything before putting your aligners back over your teeth. Because of this, patients often find themselves being more mindful of snacking or sipping out of boredom. In addition to achieving a gorgeous smile, many patients find they lose a little weight during Invisalign treatment because it limits their snacking.

Clean Your Aligners Properly. 

While it might seem sensible to clean your aligners with toothpaste, it’s overly abrasive and could damage the trays, making them more visible on your teeth. Rinse your trays every time you take them out of your mouth, and use clear antibacterial soap to keep them clean and clear. Always brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush to help remove any plaque that has accumulated.

Use Your Phone as a Resource.

Whenever you remove your aligners to eat or drink, set the alarm on your phone to help remind you to clean your teeth and put them back in as soon as you’re finished. Aligners must be worn for 20-22 hours every day, so remembering to place them back on your teeth as soon as possible is vital to your treatment’s success.

Incredible Advantages of Invisalign

Committing to any orthodontic treatment as an adult can feel intimidating with a lot of unknowns. Invisalign is an excellent treatment for adults and older teens wanting to straighten their smiles. Invisalign enables you to comfortably straighten your teeth without the use of embarrassing metal brackets and wires.

See for yourself how the advantages of Invisalign outweigh traditional orthodontic treatments.

Subtle Straightening

The most obvious benefit when it comes to Invisalign is that the plastic aligners blend right into your teeth for a subtle and almost unnoticeable orthodontic treatment option. Straightening your teeth without everyone around you knowing you’re doing so allows you to still feel like yourself with the confidence in knowing everyone isn’t focused on metal brackets and wires.


The smooth surfaces of your clear aligner trays keep your mouth, cheeks, and tongue healthy without scratches or uncomfortable sores where brackets rub. The clear plastic aligners fit your smile snugly, making the adjustment process a short one.

No Food Restrictions

Since Invisalign aligners are removable, you won’t have to restrict your diet, allowing you to eat whatever foods you’d like.

Your Teeth Stay Healthy

Removable aligners allow for you to brush and floss normally, eliminating staining around brackets and keeping your teeth as healthy as they would be without orthodontic treatment.

Minimal Office Visits

Because Invisalign aligners are removable, they allow you to keep living your busy life as usual with minimal office visits. Since multiple aligners are dispensed at each exam, you can switch to a new set at home with fewer trips to the office and less time spent in an orthodontic chair.

Adult Braces are More Popular Than Ever

Take the state of your teeth into your own hands and achieve the straighter, healthier smile you’ve always wished you had. With new, modern treatment options, adults can restore confidence lost from crooked teeth and gain straighter, more attractive, and healthier teeth. 

Let Hinsdale Dentistry help you take the first step in regaining your self-confidence by gaining the straight smile you’ve always wanted. Schedule your consultation with our expert Invisalign team today!

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