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Never Attempt DIY Teeth Straightening: Here’s Why
November 4, 2021

woman putting a clear aligner tray onto her teeth

Clear aligners, like Invisalign, are one of the most popular ways for teens and adults to straighten their teeth discreetly. Invisalign is an excellent alternative to traditional metal brackets and wires because the treatment offers a comfortable, visually appealing way to straighten your teeth in a fraction of the time.

Because the Invisalign process is so straightforward, it leaves many potential patients wondering if a DIY straightening system without guidance and care from an Invisalign provider can save them money while still straightening their teeth.

Why DIY Orthodontics Aren’t Safe

Correcting minor imperfections with your teeth, like mild crowding or spacing issues, sounds easy enough. However, consumers should be aware of several issues when looking into DIY orthodontic solutions performed at home without the guidance of a trained dentist or orthodontist.

Your Teeth Are More Complex Than You Think

Teeth are a part of a complex system that includes gum tissue, bone, and the jaw joint. The entire structure of a patient’s mouth must be examined and considered when creating a treatment plan. An Invisalign provider will examine the entire oral cavity as well as the head and neck regions, and take numerous x-rays of a patient’s teeth, jawbones, and bite before ever starting a treatment plan.

A DIY treatment relies on a mold of your teeth and pictures you take yourself on a smartphone to assess your teeth. At no point are x-rays taken, which means underlying issues will go undetected during treatment until it’s too late and irreversible changes to your teeth have been made.

Moving Teeth Is Complicated

The human body is unpredictable in how it will respond to new movements and materials. When the body reacts in a way not predicted by a standard algorithm, it is essential to have a knowledgeable and trained Invisalign specialist monitoring your treatment to make corrections as you go. Painful and irreversible damage can occur if your teeth are not closely monitored throughout the Invisalign treatment plan.

Straighter Teeth Can Be Temporary

Most DIY aligner systems only move your front teeth by tipping the crowns. If the teeth are being tipped into place and not moved in their entirety, they are far more likely to revert back to their original misalignment when the treatment is finished. DIY aligners offer patients temporary results and end up costing patients more money in the long run.

Dentists Warn Against Straightening at Home

Many dentists and orthodontists argue that an in-person exam is critical before beginning Invisalign. During an exam, your provider will be looking for any untreated cavities or underlying gum infections before beginning any teeth-straightening treatments. Physically seeing patients while undergoing treatments is just as vital to successfully straightening teeth the right way. DIY orthodontics risks permanent damage to teeth such as root shortening, bone loss, tooth loss, tooth decay, and other serious problems.

Are You Ready To Straighten Your Smile?

There are certain areas where you can save, but your smile is undoubtedly not one of them. By working with a skilled and experienced Invisalign provider, you not only ensure that your treatment plan is appropriate for your unique needs, but you’ll continue to receive expert care throughout the treatment process. If any unexpected hiccups come up, an accomplished provider can make subtle yet necessary changes to your treatment plan to ensure your final results are nothing short of the smile of your dreams.

Don’t take straightening your teeth into your own hands. Schedule a consultation with Hinsdale Dentistry today to learn more about Invisalign and why it’s worth the price tag to align your teeth with the best treatment available.

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