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Dental Lasers and Your Next Appointment
November 12, 2013

Hinsdale laser dentistOur Hinsdale dental practice is committed to ensuring that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. We’re constantly researching and engaging in updated technologies and techniques, so that you’re receiving the highest level of modern dental care. The dental laser has advanced treatment more dramatically than many other emerging technologies. By improving on the ways drills and other traditional tools affect teeth and gums, laser dentistry makes patients happier in the dental chair and thrilled with their treatment’s results. Read on to learn a few of the ways dental lasers could be involved in your next procedure.

Types of Dental Lasers

There are two main types of dental lasers: hard tissue (for teeth) and soft tissue (for gums). These play different roles but deliver similarly advantageous results. Our Hinsdale practice primarily uses hard tissue lasers, to transform your procedures. They may be used in any of the following applications:

  1. Cavity detection – The DIAGNOdent classic simplifies cavity detection to make it quicker and simpler, for both patient and dentist! This laser passes a specialized light over teeth, causing decay or unhealthy tissue to fluoresce and revealing problems. Even cavities hidden in fissures or cracks will be revealed without extensive picking and poking.
  2. Tooth prep – The Biolase cuts tooth structure without creating the friction a dental drill does, making the procedure more comfortable and anesthesia less necessary. A laser is also tissue-specific, meaning the surrounding health tissues will go unaffected. When teeth are being prepared for fillings, veneers, or crowns, the Biolase is indispensible.
  3. Teeth whitening – Hinsdale Dentistry’s newest laser helps catalyze whitening gel to make your whitening process faster. This won’t increase tooth sensitivity or make whitening uncomfortable, simply speed up dazzling results.

Laser Dentists at Hinsdale Dentistry

Our dentists have been using lasers in dentistry for many years, and love sharing the improved procedures with our patients. Ready to try it for yourself? Call us at (630) 323-4468 or contact us online!

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