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Dental Bonding for a Same Day Smile
November 26, 2013

Hinsdale dental bondingWhether your dental needs are functional or aesthetic, you’re always hoping for speedy treatment and immediately apparent results. While this isn’t always a possibility (though we wish it were!), there are certain treatments without fast payoffs. The impatient will rejoice in the advantages of dental bonding. This technique uses tooth-colored dental composite to add structure to lacking teeth. If your tooth is decayed, was recently damaged, or has had an aesthetic flaw for years, dental bonding will take care of your needs.

Why is dental bonding so simple?

We’ll answer that question by listing a number of composite bonding’s enviable qualities:

  • Bonding is a direct restoration. Restorations may be made in-office or in a dental lab. Composite fillings are not only made in our Hinsdale office, they’re actually built chairside, during your appointment. This means that you can leave our office with a new smile in place, that same day. No need for temporaries, or waiting for restorations to return from the lab.
  • Composite fillings are versatile. Our dentists will apply and shape your composite fillings to fit any problem you’re experiencing. This can include not only filling holes left by cavities, but also closing spaces between teeth, lengthening teeth, whitening teeth, covering sensitive teeth, and reshaping teeth. The malleable material will fit in any space, and take any shape.
  • Tooth bonding is durable. After the filling has been placed, our Hinsdale team will cure the restoration so that it hardens in place. Once cured, your bonding will last for many years to come with proper care (and you’ll simply need to brush and floss it as you do your natural teeth).
  • Dental composite looks like natural enamel. The tooth-colored composite will match your natural teeth exactly, so that the bonding is indistinguishable.

Hinsdale Dental Bonding for your Cosmetic Solution

Have you been putting off fixing a dental flaw? It can be corrected in a single, comfortable appointment. Contact our Hinsdale practice to learn more.

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