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Hinsdale, IL Dentist on Improving Your Dental Care
December 11, 2012

Many dental patients practice less than stellar dental care. We understand – our busy lives make it difficult to take extra time out of the day for something as seemingly unimportant as flossing. But superb, at-home dental care doesn’t need to be time consuming or difficult. Your Hinsdale, IL dentist is hoping to provide you with shortcuts that allow you to take the best possible care of your beautiful smile. The more work you put into your teeth at home (i.e. the more you practice a little something we dental professionals like to call preventive dentistry), the more time, effort, and money you will save in the future.

Are you brushing correctly?
Brushing correctly is tricky, and your Hinsdale, IL dentist has seen many patients who believe they’re brushing well but actually only hitting prominent tooth surfaces with those bristles. Ensure that you are angling your brushing in different directions and gently circling each tooth and tooth surface. Don’t forget to brush your tongue! A substantial number of the harmful bacteria hanging out in your mouth between brushings are on your tongue. The visually-oriented among us can check out these brushing diagrams, and make sure you’re not making one of the ten common brushing mistakes. Are you victim to any of those brushing crimes? Finally, round out your brushing technique with this helpful brushing video from Colgate.

Are you brushing often and long enough?
Your Hinsdale, IL dentist reminds that you should brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes, at least twice a day: not too much time to take out of your schedule! And if you brush effectively, using the above brushing tips, those quick brushing sessions will get your teeth nice and clean.

Does your toothbrush get the job done?
Electric toothbrushes are your Hinsdale, IL dentist’s recommendation over standard toothbrushes. The movement of an electric toothbrush allows you to clean you teeth in a way that you just can’t with a regular toothbrush, and with less effort on your part. Your Hinsdale, IL dentist’s personal product recommendation is the Oral-B ProfessionalCare 3000. 

Are you happy with your floss?
With so many varieties, flavors, and types of floss on the market, you should be able to find one that’s just right for you. Consider a floss threader if you struggle to floss your back teeth or maneuver floss around your teeth. If your teeth are very close together and flossing is tight, try a Waterpik or a thin ribbon floss. There’s a floss solution for every type of tooth problem!

Now that you’ve learned these expert tips, your Hinsdale, IL dentist hopes not to see any cavities during your next teeth cleaning! Keep those teeth beautiful and cavity-free!

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