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How Are You Treating Your Teeth?
July 3, 2013

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Something both great and difficult about oral health is that nearly everything you do affects it. If your habits and diet are healthy, your oral health will be excellent. But if you have a sweet tooth or frequently fall asleep without brushing, your oral health will disintegrate. It’s important to take a moment and consider just what you’re doing to take care of your teeth. Our Hinsdale dentist uses this blog post to discuss a few practices that could help keep your teeth white, whole, and strong. Simply welcome a few of these concepts into your life to reduce decay, boost your gum health, and save money on dental work.

Habits to Adopt for Healthier Teeth

Have you heard the term “preventive dentistry” before? This basically refers to all oral hygiene and any steps to take to keep dental damage or decay from occurring. We hope to provide our patients with the education they need to practice great preventive dentistry at home.

Brushing and flossing are always the top forms of oral hygiene we recommend. Make sure you’re brushing and flossing properly, and consider adding a fluoridated mouthwash if your teeth are sensitive (talk to our Hinsdale dentist if you have any questions about fluoride).

Your diet is also key. Partake in fresh vegetables, yogurt and cheese, nuts, and juice or water for snacks. Rinse with water after eating to remove food particles and harmful acid and bacteria.

Habits to Avoid – Harmful to Teeth

Unfortunately, there are a number of foods and practices that will damage teeth. We’ll focus on a few of the most dangerous below:

  • Avoid acidic foods and drinks (soda is the main culprit here – even diet soda is damaging to teeth) and sugary snacks, and rinse with water after eating.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Consider whether you may be grinding your teeth (check for jaw soreness or head pain on waking up, and check whether your bite surface is becoming worn).
  • Never use your teeth as tools.

What dental tips have you appreciated most over the years? Contact our Hinsdale dentist with any questions or to schedule your next appointment to evaluate your oral health.

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