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Hinsdale Dentist | Unnoticeable Composite Fillings for Cavities
July 17, 2013

Hinsdale dentist composite fillings

When we have cavities, we want them dealt with as quickly and discretely as possible. While resolving areas of tooth decay once meant prominent metal fillings, contemporary cosmetic dentistry offers fresh solutions. Our Hinsdale dentist provides composite fillings to all our patients so that cavities may be filled without compromising a smile.

Your Composite Filling Procedure with our Hinsdale Dentist

Dental composite is a resin that comes in a variety of colors. Because it is soft and moldable, your dentist can make a filling from composite chairside, during your appointment. Composite fillings can fill cavities both small and large. Your composite procedure will consist of:

  1. Your dentist removes the cavity with a dental laser and makes sure that the tooth has been cleaned of infection.
  2. Once the tooth has been prepared, our Hinsdale dentist will carefully place layers of dental composite in the hole left by the filling.
  3. The filling is cured with a special light that uses appropriate wavelengths to harden the composite and make it permanent.
  4. Your dentist polishes the area and checks the filling against your bite, ensuring you are able to fit your teeth together and chew normally. When your dentist hands you a mirror, you won’t even notice which tooth has been worked on. Your composite filling will match your tooth and surrounding teeth perfectly.

Advantages of Composite Fillings with our Hinsdale Dentist

Composite fillings don’t hold a solely aesthetic benefit. Other positives of composite fillings involve them being

  • Inexpensive. Since composite fillings can be made quickly, in-office, and from a non-precious material, they are less costly for patients.
  • Fast. Composite fillings can be shaped and applied to your teeth in just a few minutes. You will only need one appointment to have your cavity removed and your tooth filled, and you’ll return to your regular schedule within an hour.
  • Versatile. Composite fillings don’t just fill decayed teeth without broadcasting dental work – they can cover stained enamel, lengthen teeth, fill gaps between teeth, and solve other cosmetic concerns.

Our Hinsdale dentist provides composite fillings to every one of our patients. Contact our office to learn more about these metal-free alternatives.

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