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Hinsdale Dentist on Helping Your Kids Love Going to the Dentist
August 2, 2013

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An upcoming dental visit can make nearly anyone nervous. But children find it much harder to negotiate the troubling waters of dental anxiety. Kids are more likely to be uncomfortable with the strange environment of a new dental office, unsure about the dental tools and treatments involved in maintaining healthy teeth, and unaware of just what a dentist’s goals are in poking at their teeth. Our Hinsdale dentist offers a form of gentle dentistry that is especially appealing to pediatric dental patients. Kids are different from adults, and they deserve a special kind of treatment. This week’s blog post details all that your children have to look forward to at Hinsdale Dentistry. After visiting us once, they may actually be excited for their next appointments!

Pediatric Dental Care with our Hinsdale Dentist

  • Gentle treatments – We are gentle in all that we do for every patient, but take special consideration when working with children. With the aid of topical anesthetic, even shots won’t be felt (and therefore won’t be feared). We strive to provide pediatric dentistry that offers your children no discomfort.
  • Patient education – When kids understand what their dental treatments are doing, they are much more eager to engage. Being aware of plaque and bacteria will also help them practice oral hygiene on their own and get excited about healthy teeth. We will talk your kids through a dental exam or filling beforehand so that they know every step to come.
  • Friendly faces – Our staff loves children and is thrilled to work with them. By visiting the same dentist as their parents, your kids will feel more comfortable with our staff and our office. We offer complete family dental care under one roof!
  • Painless techniques – With our hard tissue lasers and soft tissue lasers, dental treatment is possible without a drill, eliminating the stressful sights and sounds of that tool. Moreover, your children will find laser treatment more comfortable.

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