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Downers Grove Area Dentist on Choosing Dental Products
February 19, 2013

How do you feel about your toothbrush?

So many of us settle for imperfect personal products. With our busy lives, we don’t have the time or energy at the end of the day to search for a toothbrush, floss, or toothpaste that really thrills us. And why should you? With this post, our Downers Grove area dentist offers a few reasons why the perfect toothbrush is worth it, and how to find your own well-matched dental products. Your toothbrush doesn’t need to be your best friend, but a toothbrush that makes you happy will encourage you to engage in great oral hygiene. You may find you’re cavity-free next at your next Hinsdale Dentistry exam!

Optimizing Your Oral Hygiene Products

Step 1: Consider what you like. This step sounds broad, but it’s helpful to identify what it is you like about certain dental care products before seeking them out. Is there a particular flavor you prefer your toothpaste and dental floss to have? Would you rather have a manual or power (electric) toothbrush? Does thicker floss work better for your teeth, or do you need thin floss to fit between your teeth? If you decide this ahead of time, your search will be narrowed and you’ll find it much easier to find products that satisfy.

Step 2: Identify your dental needs. Everyone’s teeth are different, and require different types of products. Sensitive teeth warrant fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash, and easily stained teeth should be brushed with a whitening toothpaste. If you struggle with the mechanics of flossing and brushing your teeth, consider a floss holder and a power toothbrush. If you do choose a power toothbrush, know that it can be either electric or sonic – sonic brushes deliver more brush strokes per minute. Overall, consider what about your mouth requires extra care and compensate with a well-suited product.

Step 3: Talk to your dentist. Your Hinsdale dentist will quickly, professionally identify your oral needs and will even recommend specific products and brands.

Step 4: Get shopping! Try starting online, searching with the terms that best describe your ideal toothbrush.

After you’ve found your new toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, let us know how you’re liking your dental products!