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Chicago Pediatric Dentist on Tear-Free Dental Appointments
February 5, 2013

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! Each year, the American Dental Association and your Chicago suburbs pediatric dentist make efforts to bring kids’ dental care to the forefront of our collective consciousness. What can you do to encourage your kids’ oral hygiene efforts and improve their views on dental health? Hinsdale Dentistry recommends you start by helping your kids have a great relationship with their dentist. This relationship is a two-way street: the dentist must treat the child patient well, and the child must overcome dental anxiety to cooperate with their dentist. Hinsdale Dentistry prioritizes pediatric patient comfortwith a unique combination of child-oriented dental procedures, communication, specialized anesthetic, and child-friendly dental tools. When visiting Hinsdale Dentistry, your children will be treated with respect and given an adult level of communication. Even if he or she doesn’t understand every step of the procedure, your child will benefit from knowing just what’s ahead. If your child is comfortable during cleanings and while receiving fillings, he or she will look forward to the next dental appointment. There are a number of other specific ways that our Chicago suburbs dentist caters to child patients:

  • Quick cavity detection – Our Hinsdale dentist uses a handheld laser to identify tooth decay, making x-rays and drilling unnecessary.
  • Painless fillings – With the use of a dental laser, your child will not be made uncomfortable by tooth reduction and cavity removal. The Biolase MD Waterlase eliminates decay without the dreaded drilling sound or uncomfortable friction.
  • Gentle dental care – Our Chicagoland dentists are patient and gentle with every patient, but especially so with children. With a variety of topical anesthetics and special injection methods, we make sure that even a shot goes unnoticed.

Has it been more than six months since your kids’ last cleanings? Contact our Hinsdale IL dental office to schedule an appointment and experience what sets our practice apart.

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