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Chicago Area Dentist on the “Perfect” Smile
January 29, 2013

When you imagine a “perfect smile,” what does that smile look like? Chicagoland cosmetic dentists find that the answer to this question is personal, tailored to your own aesthetic preferences. Perfection is an impossible ideal, so its meaning is based on contemporary individual and cultural preferences. Thus, the idea of a perfect smile has slowly evolved, changing to reflect both current fashions and cultural ideas. Once upon a time, America considered a perfect smile to be completely symmetrical and blindingly white, made up of straight, smooth, shiny, rectangular teeth.

In 2013, this version of smile perfection is desirable no longer. Today, when we seek out cosmetic dentistry to “perfect” our teeth, we’re not actually looking for total perfection. A lack of any asymmetry or natural-looking, subtle flaws can make for a false smile, one made up of teeth that are often derisively referred to as “chiclets.” It’s easy for a cosmetic dentist to create a smile so blocky and uniform; what’s much more difficult is creating those tiny flaws that identify a smile as a natural one. This requires a truly skilled and creative cosmetic dentist, one at the level of our own Hinsdale dentists.

Our Chicago area cosmetic dentist is capable of creating naturally gorgeous smiles, ones that are beautiful because of subtle coloring, textural effects, and tooth angles. With the aid of cosmetic dental tools like porcelain veneers, your dentist can overhaul your incisors for a full smile makeover.

Veneers are key because they imitate many properties of natural teeth, and are highly customizable. Our talented Hinsdale cosmetic dentist is able to carefully tint and shape veneers so that they become part of your natural smile. Veneers are incredibly popular: As of 2007, nearly 600,000 veneer procedures were being performed annually (the AACD). Our southwest Chicago suburbs dental practice offers both standard porcelain veneers and the unprecedented LUMINEERS, notable for their thinness and strength. Your veneer procedure and resulting smile will be carefully tailored to whatever you consider a perfect smile to be – making that ideal a reality. Contact Hinsdale Dentistry for a free veneer consultation today.

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