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Choosing Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening
January 22, 2013

We each have our own, predetermined grooming routines, and preferred ways we present ourselves to the world. People are constantly searching for new methods of self-improvement, tweaking those routines until they are perfect. Hinsdale Dentistry offers cosmetic self-improvement that doesn’t need to be worked at every day: hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening we complete in a single, 30-minute session. Teeth whitening helps you put forward your best possible face by brightening your smile, the feature that introduces you to the world. It’s not routine, it’s occasional; and it dramatically enhances your appearance.

Our team offers teeth whitening you’ll be comfortable with, no matter your needs or schedule. Above all, we prioritize whitening that is both convenient and comfortable. Check out our handy teeth whitening chart below to determine which method may be right for you:

Teeth Whitening Needs Whitening Solution
I want my teeth to remain at their whitest, at all times In-office whitening. With Sapphire teeth whitening, our dental team will whiten your smile up to 7 shades in 30 minutes. The simple, UV-free procedure is especially gentle for sensitive patients, so anyone who wishes may whiten. Schedule an appointment whenever your teeth begin to lose their luster.
I would like to whiten often, but I am very busy At-home whitening. Our dentist will provide you with a custom-fitted whitening tray and prescription strength hydrogen peroxide gel so that you may whiten whenever is convenient for you.
I want to whiten every so often, for special occasions In-office or at-home whitening. Depending on your budget, schedule, and whitening hopes, we will recommend the appropriate whitening method. In-office whitening will produce a more dramatic result, more quickly.
I have sensitive teeth and struggle to whiten Pre-whitening use of fluoridated dental products. The fluoride in prescription toothpaste and mouthwash will strengthen your enamel and prepare your teeth for hydrogen peroxide gel. Ask Hinsdale Dentistry which fluoridated products we recommend.

Get your whitening on with Hinsdale Dentistry! Give us a call with any teeth whitening questions or concerns and we will help provide a bright new accent to your smile.

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