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You Deserve Dental Anxiety-Free Care
December 13, 2016

If you’ve been feeling anxious about dental care for years, it probably seems like an inevitable part of life. But deciding to improve your dental anxiety is going to lead to huge changes – and an entirely new view of the dentist’s office. Don’t give up on entrenched fears. If you start approaching your dental care a little differently, your next appointment can actually be something you look forward to.

Feel like your anxiety is just an inherent part of you? We’re here to help you change that. By loving the dentist’s office, you gain so much – improved oral health from regular exams, more comfortable (and even relaxing!) appointments, and a healthier relationship with your own smile. It all starts with a few simple steps. We’ve detailed what you can do at home, and in the office, in the infographic below. If you have any questions for us or would like to request sedation for your next exam, just get in touch.

Achieve Life without a Fear of the Dentist

infographic showing ways to end dental anxiety by Hinsdale Dentistry

Benefits of Feeling Great about the Dentist’s Office

  • You’re more likely to stay on your exam schedule – When you’re not terrified of the dentist, it’s much more likely for you to keep your regular appointments. This ultimately improves your oral health, as your teeth and gums receive routine care and cavities are treated before they progress.
  • You’ll learn more about how to best care for your teeth – Your teeth are unique, and they benefit from care tailored to your personal needs. Get dental product recommendations and learn more about how to clean your teeth at home. It’s as simple as a conversation with your hygienist at your next exam.
  • You’ll gain confidence – When you possess a beautiful, healthy smile, you feel better about yourself. And knowing that you can conquer your dental anxiety makes you feel like a whole new person.
  • You’ll view your health care in a whole new light – Medical professionals are your allies, not your enemies. The better you feel about your relationship with your dentist, the more engaged you will be with your dental health.


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