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The Importance of Preventive Dental Care
August 16, 2011

Hinsdale dentistTo get the greatest benefit from the services offered by your Hinsdale dentist, don’t overlook preventive dental care. Of course, your dentist is available to treat various dental diseases and restore your smile. But your dentist is also the healthcare professional most qualified to help prevent many of the most common dental diseases from manifesting in the first place.

Many patients rely on their own knowledge and feelings to determine when dental treatment is necessary. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to make this determination unless you are experiencing pain. It is important to realize that we often do not notice pain or discomfort until dental diseases have advanced to a significant degree. Even more frightening, some diseases, such as oral cancer, can develop and spread with no pain at all.

Your dentist will recommend regularly schedule dental appointments in order to help prevent the most common diseases. Educating patients about how periodontal disease and cavities develop is one of the best aspects of preventive dentistry. Identifying possible risks and behaviors can protect your health and also save money.

Fluoride treatments and sealants are preventive measures used to ward off cavities, both for primary and permanent teeth. Fluoride has been proven to strengthen enamel and reinforce weakened areas. Fluoride has also been useful for preventing tooth sensitivity. Sealants can be applied to the pits and grooves of the molars in order to prevent cavities in these hard-to-clean crevices.

Dental x-rays are another important preventive service provided by your dentist. With today’s technology, x-rays are sensitive enough to identify even the tiniest cavities. They can also be useful in evaluating bone loss, abscesses, and cysts. By detecting disease and infection as early as possible, your dentist can help to prevent dental emergencies and/or aggressive treatment.

Skipping or postponing preventive dental appointments should never be an option for patients who understand the relationship between good dental health and good overall health. Your dentist will recommend the appropriate plan for your appointments, according to your risk factors and your lifestyle. If you feel that you are overdue for your preventive dental care, call Hinsdale Dentistry at 630-323-4468 to schedule your appointment today.

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