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5 Key Parts of a Teeth Cleaning with our Hinsdale Dentist
April 17, 2013

Hinsdale dentist teeth cleaningAre you aware of all that takes place during a dental exam?

We know that teeth cleanings and dental exams seem to come around all too often. Making time to schedule a cleaning can seem like a hassle, but these appointments are vital for your oral health. Today, our Hinsdale dentist discusses a few things you may not realize take place during your dental exam. Each of these steps must be performed regularly to ensure that you avoid tooth decay, oral disease, and other damaging problems.

5 Oft-Overlooked Parts of Dental Exams with our Hinsdale Dentist

  1. Oral cancer screening – Oral cancer screening is quick and comfortable – many patients may not remember that it was performed at all. But this laser screening is your first defense against oral cancer. Performed by measuring the fluorescence of oral tissues, oral cancer screening is our best way to keep you healthy and cancer-free.
  2. Early cavity detection – Our Diagnodent Classic laser allows us to identify decay at its earliest stages of growth. This kind of precise cavity detection without the use of an x-ray is healthier for patients (no exposure to radiation), as well as more comfortable (no exploration of tooth structure). The Diagnodent even reveals decay in deep fissures and between teeth.
  3. Preventive measures – A teeth cleaning removes plaque from your teeth before it can harden or cause decay. Hardened plaque, called tartar or calculus, is difficult to remove and irritates the gums, potentially leading to gingivitis. Eradicating that plaque as soon as possible keeps your teeth healthy.
  4. Oral hygiene recommendations – Your Hinsdale dentist knows what’s best for your teeth, and will recommend the perfect toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush, and floss. If you’ve been unhappy with products you’ve been using, ask your dentist for a sample of something new. Appropriate dental products will help you keep your teeth clean at home.
  5. Upkeep of existing dental work – Although we’d like restorations and fillings to last forever, they do have limited life spans. Visiting our office regularly should allow us to spot a struggling restoration before it cracks or loses its grip on the tooth. This prevents you any inconvenience and fixes the restoration before it has a chance to fail you.

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