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Should I Get a Second Opinion on Dental Work?
April 15, 2018

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You just had your teeth cleaned and examined by your dentist, and they found a long list of problems and issues with an even longer estimated invoice. How do you know if you can trust everything your dentist is recommending, and how do you know what is urgent, and what could potentially wait?

Sound all too familiar? It may be time to get a second opinion.

Signs You Should Consult with Another Dental Professional

If you’re having doubts about what treatments your dentist recommended, and are wondering if you should get a second opinion, you probably should. While it isn’t necessary to have multiple dentists look at every little cavity or other minor dental health problem, you may benefit from seeking a second opinion when it comes to larger, more extensive dental work recommendations.

Consider getting a second opinion from another dentist when:

  • Your dentist has diagnosed you with a major problem, such as oral cancer.
  • You have already gone through dental treatments that aren’t fixing the problem.
  • You’re unsure if the recommended treatment is necessary.
  • You’re concerned about the estimated costs of dental treatments.
  • If you’re feeling as if your dentist is not qualified to treat your dental needs.
  • If you’re unhappy with your current dentist for any major reasons.

Who to Seek Out for a Second Opinion

Unfortunately, all dentists are not created (or trained) equally. All dentists have unique backgrounds, and different experiences when it comes to how they were trained and the type of dental treatments they typically provide to their patients.

When looking for a second opinion, the best ways to find another dentist are:

  • Referrals. Asking loved ones, whether friends or family, who they recommend for dental work is sometimes the best way to find a new dentist, or a second opinion.
  • Call a dental society. The local or national dental society may be able to provide a referral for a second opinion consultation.
  • Read reviews. The internet is a helpful tool these days in being able to read current patient reviews and testimonies while looking for a dentist patients trust.
  • Ask your current dentist. If you have a good relationship with your current dentist, ask them for a referral to another dentist for a second opinion.
  • Contact a local dental school. Calling a local dental school and asking for the offices they recommend is a great way to get an unbiased opinion.
  • Ask your insurance provider. Many dental plans will cover a second opinion, but there are certain steps you will need to make in order for the second opinion to be covered. Making a call to your insurance provider before hand may save you some time, and also provide you with a list of covered providers.

Questions to  Ask During a Second Opinion For Dental Work

Once you have found a dentist you’d like to use for a second opinion, you might want to consider asking these questions so you’re prepared and leave feeling confident in knowing what choices to make moving forward.

  1. Do you agree with the diagnosis my dentist has made for the suggested dental treatments?
  2. Are there any other treatment options I should consider other than the recommended treatment?
  3. How much would each of these treatment options cost?
  4. How much of the treatment would be covered under my dental insurance plan, and how much would be out-of-pocket cost?
  5. Will the recommended treatment improve my dental health?
  6. What are the risks of each treatment option?
  7. How long will the treatment benefits last?
  8. Will future treatments be necessary in correcting the problem if not treated?

When getting a second opinion, keep in mind the different perspectives of your care providers as you weigh your options. Your current dentist has the advantage of being familiar with your dental health history, while a second opinion dentist may have the advantage of a fresh outlook.

Whether you’re looking for a new dentist, or a second opinion, Hinsdale Dentistry is happy to help you in making an educated decision on dental work and what your options are to treat the issue. If you’re looking for a second opinion you can trust, call us today and schedule an appointment!


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