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    There are always ways to improve the patient experience. And as your dentists, we’re seeking out those comfort-enhancing tools and treatments. Laser dentistry has allowed us to take a big step forward. With a variety of dental lasers, we’re able to provide dental treatment that’s both anxiety-relieving and effective. Not only will your […]

Your Dental Care in 2014
January 7, 2014

It’s that time of the year again – you’re kicking your new year’s resolutions off to a start. Have they been successful so far? We don’t mean to add more to your yearly goals, but we’re hoping that you’ll make some room on the list for dental resolutions. We’ve compiled a few simple steps you […]

2013’s Blog Highlights
December 26, 2013

If you’ve been following our blog through the last year, we hope that you’ve gained something from what we’ve put forth. As you plan your New Year’s resolutions and decide what the next year of your life will be life, keep your teeth in mind! Revisiting a few of our blog posts will help. Below, […]

Reclaim Your Smile with Dental Implants
December 19, 2013

  Are you missing one or more teeth? Being in a less-than-ideal dental situation changes your life in immeasurable ways. You’re less sure of yourself. You struggle to perform the same daily activities. You can even feel like a less effective person overall. Dental implants will allow you to reclaim not just your smile, but […]

Whiter Teeth Form A Happier Smile
December 9, 2013

There have been plenty of studies about how physical features make an impact. And the results typically show that smiles are paramount. Our teeth are the first thing others notice about us – but that’s not the only reasons to work toward a beautiful smile. While others’ impressions are important, it’s the way we feel […]

LUMINEERS May Surprise You
December 3, 2013

We talk about LUMINEERS quite a bit here on our blog, but usually as the main tool behind a smile makeover. These remarkable porcelain veneers actually have a wider variety of applications than you may expect. Far from merely a means to a makeover end, LUMINEERS can change your face and even your oral health […]

Dental Bonding for a Same Day Smile
November 26, 2013

Whether your dental needs are functional or aesthetic, you’re always hoping for speedy treatment and immediately apparent results. While this isn’t always a possibility (though we wish it were!), there are certain treatments without fast payoffs. The impatient will rejoice in the advantages of dental bonding. This technique uses tooth-colored dental composite to add structure […]

Dental Lasers and Your Next Appointment
November 12, 2013

Our Hinsdale dental practice is committed to ensuring that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. We’re constantly researching and engaging in updated technologies and techniques, so that you’re receiving the highest level of modern dental care. The dental laser has advanced treatment more dramatically than many other emerging technologies. By improving on the ways […]

Getting the Most out of Your Cosmetic Dental Care
November 5, 2013

You want and deserve the best; this extends to your dental care. When you’ve decided that you may like to make some changes to your smile, that’s just the beginning of the process. Our Hinsdale team encourages you to look further into the possibilities of cosmetic dentistry. Engage with your dental treatment to ensure that […]

Dental Health For Kids, and How You Can Help
October 23, 2013

Your kids look up to you and depend on you in every way. When it comes to their oral health habits, this is especially important to remember. In all honesty, brushing and flossing aren’t exciting activities for children. There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of other activities they’d rather be doing. But brushing and flossing […]

Bid Dental Anxiety Farewell
October 18, 2013

We don’t think it’s hyperbolic to say that dental anxiety can destroy lives. Consider the following case. When a patient is too afraid to visit the dentist, he misses out on regular dental checkups. Dental problems go unspotted and are allowed to take hold. As this individual begins to realize he has cavities, periodontal disease, […]

Invisalign: Hassle-Free Orthodontic Treatment
October 6, 2013

If you’ve ever considered straightening your teeth but have hesitated to pursue treatment, we’d love to talk to you about why you’ve put it off. We suspect your trepidation has something to do with the commitment that orthodontic treatment demands, and we’re ready to offer you something different. Alternative orthodontic treatment aims to straighten teeth […]

Embracing Family Dental Care
October 3, 2013

You love your family, and hope to spend as much time with them as possible. That wish can actually extend to many areas of your life, including your dental health. Engaging in dental care and oral hygiene with every member of your family leads to improved relationships and strong dental attitudes. When you show your […]

Why Replace Missing Teeth
September 25, 2013

If you’ve been missing time for some time, there’s a reason behind the reason you’ve chosen to wait to receive dental work. We’re here to urge you to replace your missing teeth soon – and reap the benefits that will follow. With today’s proliferation of dental restorations and techniques, you’ll be able to replace your […]

4 Things You May Not Know About LUMINEERS
September 18, 2013

LUMINEERS are something we love to talk about at Hinsdale Dentistry, because they’ve changed the lives of so many of our patients. While followers of our blog will have a basic understanding of what LUMINEERS do, these restorations are so remarkable that there are likely a few aspects you aren’t aware of yet. This week’s […]

The Best Mouthwash For You
September 11, 2013

So you’re looking to step up your oral hygiene routine. Perhaps your dentist has recommended that you take a few extra precautions to guard against decay and periodontal disease, or maybe you’ve been frustrated with yellow teeth and bad breath. A mouthwash can be an excellent addition to your daily brushing and flossing. But with […]

A LUMINEERS Smile from Hinsdale Dentistry
September 4, 2013

Deciding to overhaul your smile is a big decision, and one that will ultimately have huge effects on your life. It’s not something to be taken lightly, and we want you to find the right dentist and the right restoration for the job. At Hinsdale Dentistry, we’ve seen unbelievable smile transformations completed with the aid […]

Hinsdale Invisible Dental Work
August 22, 2013

Our world is a constantly changing one, and healthcare capabilities are no different. Dentistry was long ago simply a way to keep our teeth from (literally) killing us. A decaying tooth would cause pain, then be pulled to prevent the infection from spreading. As the years passed, dentistry became more sophisticated and patient-friendly. We’re now […]

Good Dental Health Builds the Most Beautiful Smile
August 16, 2013

Creating a beautiful smile isn’t a matter of cosmetic dentistry. While cosmetic dental treatments can make significant changes to your teeth, there are daily steps you can take to make sure that your teeth are whiter, brighter, and more whole. By engaging in great dental health practices, you maintain healthy, beautiful teeth. Years of brushing […]

Hinsdale Dentistry on Straight Teeth For Life
August 11, 2013

We spend a great deal of time and effort ensuring that our teeth are straight. Those who have undergone any kind of orthodontic treatment understand the inherent sacrifices and will always remember their time in braces. But what many patients don’t realize is that straight teeth will not remain straight forever. As we age, factors […]

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