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Boosting Dental Awareness: Unexpected Threats to Your Oral Health
July 1, 2014

Clarendon Hills general dentistAre you staying current on what’s best for your teeth? If not, don’t worry – that’s what your dentists are here for!

The dental world is constantly evolving, with emerging research changing the way we treat our teeth. Making subtle tweaks here and there will help you build the best possible oral health. While not every study is conclusive, they all offer ideas as to how you could be successfully changing up your habits. Have questions about the oral hygiene and products that are right for your unique oral needs? Simply contact us!

Keeping Your Oral Health Awareness Up To Date

In this age of Internet-controlled existence, we have instant access to any information we seek. But this glut of knowledge can tend to get a little overwhelming. If you’re trying to keep your mouth as healthy as possible, it’s tough to sift the fact from the fiction when navigating emerging dental tips.

The simplest way to embrace up-to-date practices is to talk to your dentist. The Hinsdale Dentistry team keeps up with the newest products and hygiene recommendations, and passes those along to you. After each of your dental exams, we’ll talk to you about the products that you’re using, tweaks you could be making, and other considerations. This is part of the reason it’s so important that you schedule regular exams.

Emerging Research That Could Affect Your Teeth

As we mentioned earlier, not all of the studies we’re about to discuss are definitive (or even complete). But they do illuminate some things you should be thinking about. With time and continued research, there could be new standards set for your oral care.

Recent studies have suggested the following practices:

  • Moderating mouthwash use – Recent studies on the potential connection between mouthwash and oral cancer have proved somewhat inconclusive, due to uncontrolled independent factors (like tobacco use and type of mouthwash). But researchers are concerned that mouthwash containing alcohol could be dangerous if used excessively. Choose another type of mouthwash, or limit your usage to once per day.
  • Taking care with smokeless tobacco – Smokeless tobacco is on the rise, in the form of both chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes. Electronic smoking is especially suspect because most of its products have yet to be approved by the FDA. If you’re consuming smokeless tobacco, you’re at a higher risk of developing oral cancer. Work toward minimal use or quitting.
  • Cutting down your sugar consumption – Limiting your sugar isn’t a new concept, especially as it applies to oral health. But the World Health Organization recently suggested that you should consume even less, only 5% of your daily energy (i.e. about 6 teaspoons or 25 grams). Check nutrition information on the foods you typically eat to check their sugar content.
  • Keeping extra careful watch for signs of gingivitis – We’re always talking about periodontal disease prevention, but it could be even more important than you realize. With each new gum disease-related study, there are alarming findings that point to the frightening ramifications of gum disease, including its connection to whole-body problems. Fight gingivitis by flossing and brushing regularly and thoroughly.

Clarendon Hills Dental Exam

Clarendon Hills general dentistBeen a little while since your last exam? Don’t put it off any longer. By visiting our office every 6 months, you give our team a chance to spot disease in its earliest stages.

There are some problems that just aren’t visible to the naked, untrained eye. But we’re able to spot even the beginnings of gingivitis and cavities, aided by our advanced diagnostic tools. If you’re in pain or just haven’t visited for some time, call us right away.

We look forward to seeing you!


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