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Why Our Patients Love Lumineers
August 19, 2014

Lumineers are more than just a dental treatment – they’re a way of life. These specialized ceramic veneers effect a wide range of changes to carry patients toward their ideal smiles.

What will Lumineers do for you? You won’t know the answer until you’ve undergone a consultation with your cosmetic dentist. But in the meantime, we’d love to tell you more about what these super-thin veneers have done for past patients. With their versatility and convenience, Lumineers are right for so many individuals seeking a smile transformation. No matter the makeover you’re looking for, veneers could play a starring role.

Below, we detail a few of Hinsdale Dentistry’s Lumineers cases that we’re most proud to show off. Which change has you the most excited? Get in touch to learn more about whether treatment could bring it into your life.

Lumineers Permanently Whiten Teeth


Heidi Before Heidi After

Before Heidi got her Lumineers, she struggled with stained, discolored teeth. Even home whitening didn’t achieve the results she was looking for. This can happen when dealing with intrinsic stains (formed during tooth development), worn enamel, or particularly stubborn stains.

Lumineers act as new external layers for your teeth, covering up anything beneath that you’re not interested in sharing with the world. Their shade can be slightly brighter than your natural one, resulting in a whitened grin. If you get Lumineers on the teeth visible in your smile, they’ll blend right in.

Lumineers Lengthen Teeth


Elyssa Before Elyssa After

A full smile speaks volumes. It not only makes you look younger and healthier, but also more confident. Unfortunately, it’s common for enamel to fall prey to wear and damage. Small teeth can seem weak or poorly cared for – and that’s not fair to you.

Make sure your teeth are saying what you want them to. With Lumineers, you can actually lengthen and resize your natural teeth. The final smile will still look like your own, but it will have you looking your best.

Lumineers Offer Natural-Looking Dental Rejuvenation


Lynn Before Lynn After

Cosmetic dentistry is all about subtlety. If you’re looking to change your smile, you still want to look like yourself. We aim to strike the balance between a dramatic change and an unnoticeable one. Once you’ve imagined your perfect smile, we can help bring it into reality.

Patients seeking a physical transformation of some kind don’t want to overdo it. They’re interested in gentle makeovers, not new smiles that make them look like different people. Lumineers are an exceptional tool that helps our dental team achieve natural aesthetics. Their thin porcelain looks so similar to natural enamel that neither you nor anyone else will notice a visual difference. Your veneers will become a comfortable, integrated part of your smile, rather than a separate addition.

Lynn loves how natural her Lumineers look, and appreciated the thorough process leading up the final result. Hinsdale Dentistry takes pride in helping you attain the smile you’ve always pictured.

Oak Brook Lumineers Change Your Life

Cosmetic dentistry always makes a difference. But the specifics of the change are unique to the individual. You can’t know how treatment will effect your life until you’ve experienced it for yourself.

With Lumineers, the transformation you’ll experience is threefold: physical, emotional, and social. The way you approach the world takes on a new confidence. The world notices that confidence, and it responds in kind.

If you’re ready to move forward, we’re ready to help you whiten, straighten, lengthen, and rebuild your teeth. The first step is to schedule a consultation. We’ll examine your mouth, talk with you about your priorities, and develop a treatment plan that will deliver results.

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