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Lumineers Before and Afters from Real Patients
October 7, 2023

Woman showing off lumineers smile.

If you’ve ever wanted a brighter, straighter, more picture-perfect smile, the answer might lie in Lumineers. You may have considered getting them before, but do you really know what they can do? Today, let’s hear directly from those who have taken the leap, entrusted their smiles to Lumineers, and walked away thrilled with their results.

How Lumineers Transform Smiles

Lumineers are ultra-thin “shells” placed over the visible teeth that can drastically improve the look of your smile. They almost instantly correct dull, discolored teeth and can even help erase spacing issues, misalignment, short teeth, and more.

Lumineers are superior to traditional porcelain veneers because they are much, much thinner and are natural looking and long-lasting. They can be placed in just two surprisingly short visits with minimal discomfort and basically no downtime.

Hear What Our Patients Have to Say

We don’t want you to take our word that Lumineers can change your life. Listen to just a few of our happy patients’ experiences.

Ed’s Research Pays Off

Ed is a testament to the power of doing your homework. After extensive research on Lumineers and looking at all the best dentists, Ed’s path led him straight to Dr. Harnois. The result? A transformation that left him (and his friends) in awe. “Dr. Harnois anticipated my every need, guiding me seamlessly,” Ed noted. He now has a smile that mirrors his confidence.

Jackie’s Transformation

With Jackie, it wasn’t just about placing Lumineers. She required a little bit more. Jackie’s gumline was uneven, which could have taken away from the improvements Lumineers could provide.

The solution? Laser gum surgery to balance her gumline. Dr. Harnois used the painless Biolase water laser for this process. This ensured a comfortable experience and quick recovery. By the time her final veneers were in place, Jackie’s smile was more proportioned, allowing for her Lumineers to shine.

Jackie’s dream was straightforward: “I wanted a perfect smile, and I got it.” Meeting with Dr. Harnois transformed her outlook on dental care. “Run, don’t walk. He’s the best!”

Joe’s Second Chance

Life threw Joe a curveball with his initial Lumineers experience. It was less than he had hoped for. In fact, they only lasted five years when Joe expected so much more. But he didn’t have to settle.

“When I met Dr. Harnois, he understood my frustration,” Joe recalls. Joe’s entire experience was positive, not only because of Dr. Harnois but also thanks to the supportive team. Joe knew he was in the best hands, describing Dr. Harnois as having “an amazing blend of the artistry and the science of dentistry.” We are grateful for such a heartfelt compliment. And we are so glad Joe was happy with his natural-looking results.

A Complex Case


Patient “S” had a history of dental implants but remained seriously dissatisfied, even after years. However, Lumineers changed his life. His situation was intricate, blending existing implant crowns and a natural tooth crown with the new veneers.

So, if you are questioning whether you can get Lumineers if you have existing dental work, the answer is that yes, it is possible. “I literally cried tears of joy.” Can you ask for a better testimonial than that? We can’t.

Is It Time for Your Transformation?

So, if you are on the fence about a total smile upgrade, remember these real-life patients who changed their lives.

It’s not just about a smile makeover but finding an experienced team that you can trust. Reach out to us today. We want to be that team for you so you can make the change you’ve always wanted to.

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