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How Pop Really Affects Your Teeth
May 2, 2017

You’ve been told to avoid pop since you were a child. But empty threats don’t really communicate the full extent of the damage that soft drinks can cause to once-healthy enamel. While sugar is a big culprit, it’s the acidity of soda that causes more serious damage. Every time you take a sip of soda, you bathe your teeth in acid attacks that can last up to 20 minutes per sip.

Trying to get yourself into healthier drinking habits? Check out our infographic below for tips on cutting down your soda habit. As with all unhealthy habits, it takes time to change your ways – don’t give up on the process until you’ve tried your new regimen for at least 30 days. Soon enough, you won’t be craving soda, and your teeth (not to mention your entire body) will thank you.


Make Sure Pop Doesn’t Cause You Cavities

Hinsdale Pop and Teeth infographic

Drinking Soda Responsibly

You don’t have to give up pop entirely – as with everything, it’s okay in moderation. But you need to make sure you’re consuming it only every so often, and with a meal or other stimulant of acid-fighting saliva. If your family is big on pop, start by reducing the amount you purchase weekly. Turn pop from a daily beverage to a special treat – only for when you go to the movies or have a party, for example.

While water might seem dull compared to fizzy, sugary treats, there are ways to spice it up. Add fresh fruit or a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange. You can also get unsweetened, flavored sparkling water to still get some carbonation.

Whether you’re a big soda drinker or already on the pop-free train, regular dental exams will help you stay healthy. Schedule your family’s appointments today!


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