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Hinsdale IL Dentist On Oral Hygiene Resolutions
January 8, 2013

It’s January 8th, 2013! How has the first week of your new year been going? Though the marker of a new year is something basic, the turning over of the calendar inspires people to turn over new pages in their lives; thus, the New Year’s resolution. Though people often focus on physical self-improvement as a goal, they don’t usually think about ways they can improve their dental care. Many just don’t spend much time thinking about or cleaning their teeth. Your Hinsdale IL dentist is hoping to kick start some 2013 dental awareness with these suggested New Year’s resolutions! Check them out and see if there’s one you can add to your daily schedule; you’ll be in the excellent oral hygiene groove in no time.

–       Keep regular dental exams! Though your Hinsdale IL dentists love seeing their patients, you don’t have to come in often: scheduling a cleaning/exam every six months will allow us to spot dental problems and keep your teeth healthy. But every six months feels like a burden to some patients, and they neglect to come in. Don’t be lax when it comes to your oral health: schedule an appointment! Even if it’s been a while, your Hinsdale IL dentist will just be happy to see you.

–       Brush and floss twice a day. It’s the old dentist reminder, but we’re going to keep at it! Only brushing and flossing twice daily will prevent decay. If our words aren’t enough to prompt you, check out this startling infographic! Highlight: “Remember, if you ignore your teeth, they will go away.”

–       Get happy with your smile. When you love your teeth, you take better care of them and are invested in your smile’s upkeep. Are you proud of yours? If not, dental procedures ranging from teeth whitening to LUMINEERS will update and brighten your smile in a short amount of time.

Ready to embrace the dental spirit? Make sure your dental care is current by checking in with your Hinsdale IL dentist on whether it’s time for an appointment!

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