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Hinsdale Dentist’s Laser Dental Treatment Difference
March 27, 2013

Both dentist and patient benefit from pleasant dental treatment.

No matter the procedure or dental need, our Hinsdale dentist prioritizes patient comfort. New technology in dentistry allows us to provide thoroughly superior dental treatments that leave patients pleased with both the process and the results. Our favorite revolutionary tool is the dental laser. Laser dentistry has transformed dental treatment by eliminating the negatives that cause dental anxiety.

Do you struggle to schedule a dental exam, knowing that you’ll be forced to confront the sounds and sights of drills and needles? Common dental anxiety triggers lurk throughout traditional dental treatment. Hinsdale Dentistry’s dental lasers change your experience by changing the dental methods. Lasers elevate our dental capabilities

Why Dental Lasers

  • Highly effective – Lasers aid in cavity, cancer, and other disease detection by causing unhealthy tissues to fluoresce. Dental lasers discover maladies before the naked eye or drill-assisted tooth exploration is able.
  • Minimal pain – Dental lasers cut tissue by vaporizing water molecules rather than creating friction and heat. This is less painful for the patient and reduces the need for anesthesia, relaxing the needle-phobic.
  • Shorter treatment time – As dental lasers are so precise, work is completed more quickly than with a drill, returning you to your regular activities ahead of schedule.
  • Site- and tissue-specific treatment – Our Hinsdale dentist uses different lasers for hard and soft tissues, keeping healthy tissue intact. The incredibly narrow laser beam will not touch those tissues and only decay will be removed.
  • Quick recovery – Dental lasers cauterize as they cut, stimulating tissue healing, killing bacteria, and reducing bleeding. This makes for a briefer recovery time and keeps your dental treatment from negatively impacting your life.
  • Quiet and soothing – Drills whine and prod, making patients hesitant to undergo treatment. Lasers emit only a quiet clicking sound and do not place pressure on your gums or teeth.

Nearly every difficulty associated with dental treatment has been addressed and eradicated by dental lasers. Not many dentists have incorporated lasers into their practices, but our Hinsdale dentists are well-versed in laser treatment and offer a variety of laser options for different needs. Hoping to learn more about revolutionizing your dental treatment? Contact our office.

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