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Harmful dental habits to avoid
October 17, 2011

dentist Downers GroveVery often you will spot someone nervously biting their fingernails or noisily chewing ice.  As annoying and unhygienic as these acts might be, they are two of the most harmful dental habits known.   If you don’t believe that to be true, a visit to your dentist serving Downers Grove can confirm that these and many other seemingly innocent habits can be very harmful indeed.

We’ve seen movies and TV programs that encourage crazy acts like opening beer bottles using your teeth as the opener.  Or how about the person who uses their teeth like a vice holding one end of an item they wish to tear open and tugging with their hands on the other end – this is a broken tooth in the making.  All it takes is one careless act and a trip to the dentist to see about repairing or worse yet, replacing your tooth could be reality.

Chewing on the end of a pen or pencil might seem harmless enough, but in addition to the potential damage you could do to your teeth, there is the additional consideration of swallowing or choking on the germy item.

Just as serious, but not as obvious, is the person who grinds their teeth during sleep.  Nervous tension can result in clenching your teeth, and you might not even realize you are doing it until the damage has been done.  If you suffer from a sore jaw or headaches, this might be an area to check into.  Or if your partner comments on the grinding noise you make during sleep, a visit to your dentist to see about a protective mouth guard could be the solution.

Obvious habits like tobacco usage and a poor nutritional diet will guarantee dental problems.  Sugary foods and beverages should be consumed in moderation, and brushing right after is highly recommended.

There are actually people who do not believe that they need to brush and floss their teeth.  This could be the most harmful act of all.  Neglecting daily home hygiene care will result in tooth decay, unhealthy teeth and gums, and the likelihood that very costly dental work will be in your future.

Finally, a good habit to get into is the habit of seeing your dental provider twice a year for a professional cleaning and exam.  This, in addition to excellent daily oral hygiene care, is a routine that will help insure the healthiest mouth available.  And avoiding those other harmful acts is a good idea as well.

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