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Do dental implants require special care?
October 27, 2011

As with many dental procedures, there are some lifestyles and habits that should be considered when consulting your provider about dental implants in Hinsdale.

Having one or more dental implants placed in your gum tissue is somewhat of an extensive dental procedure.  With the significant investment required, making sure you do everything you can to guarantee the success of your implant surgery is critical.

Since your dental provider is basically placing a screw like device in your gum tissue with the intent of having it fuse to your existing bone, making sure you care for your implant by exercising excellent oral home care is the first step to caring for your implant.  Twice daily brushing and daily flossing comprise the basis of your needed dental care.

Implant dentistry is more successful for folks who do not smoke or use tobacco products.  Therefore, if you do smoke, it is advisable to quit before undergoing the dental implant procedure.

Before receiving dental implants, your dentist will review your overall dental and physical health.  A balanced, healthy diet with sufficient vitamins and nutrients is important for the success of your dental implants.  Limiting the consumption of sugary foods and beverages as well as alcoholic beverages is recommended to maximize the success of your procedure.

During the healing process of your dental implant, if you are not receiving an immediate restoration, your dentist will fit you with a temporary to help protect your implant.  One of the concerns for patients during and after receiving a dental implant is bruxism, or grinding/clenching your teeth.  If this is a condition you are experiencing, a mouth guard will be fashioned for you to help overcome this habit.  Many patients that grind their teeth do so due to stress, and often are not consciously aware they are grinding.

At the conclusion of the healing of your dental implant, your implant dentist will uncover your implant and complete your procedure with a restoration that will most closely match your existing teeth.  Once completed, the same excellent oral hygiene care you practiced during your healing time needs to continue.  That is twice daily brushing with a fluoridated paste or gel and daily flossing of all your teeth and gum tissue.

Visiting our Hinsdale Dentistry team twice per year for a professional cleaning and exam will help protect the investment you have made with the addition of your dental implants.

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