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Cavity-Free Vacation Tips For Kids
March 19, 2019

girl and her mother at the seaside

Traveling to a new destination as a family can be an exciting adventure. After all, there’s nothing like travel to take you away from your everyday routine and immerse you in something new and different. In the midst of exciting adventures and late nights, don’t forget to make the time to keep your vacation a cavity-free experience with these travel tips for kids.


Make a Travel Dental Kit Before Takeoff

It can be challenging to maintain our oral health while on a trip. Luckily, there is an easy and effective way to stay on top of it while on vacation. Putting together a dental travel kit before you hit the road is a simple way to keep your kids engaged in their hygiene habits amongst all of the other fun that is sure to be had.

Add these tools into your personalized travel kit:

New toothbrush

Optimal oral health begins with the most essential tool: the toothbrush. Buy your little traveler a new toothbrush with their favorite character that will have them excited to brush their teeth. Regardless of the brand, shape or color, be sure that the toothbrush you select easily fits into their hands, fits into their mouth, and has soft bristles. It’s also critical to look for the ADA seal of approval, so you know you’ve selected a properly inspected brush.

Flavored toothpaste

Much like the allure of a brand new toothbrush, a fun new flavor of toothpaste is sure to have your kids asking to brush their teeth every chance they get. If you’re traveling light, look for a small travel sized tube that will last for the length of your trip. Mix it up and give each child a different flavor experience.


Did you know that brushing only cleans roughly ⅓ of the total surface area of your teeth? That leaves a lot of untouched surfaces that can harbor harmful bacteria that turns to decay. It’s just as important for kids to floss once a day as it is for adults. Headed on a long road trip? Keep a container of floss or a pack of floss picks in the car and encourage everyone to floss together to pass the time.

Bonus: If your child has braces

If you or any of your family members have braces, then you already know it can be challenging to keep brackets and wires clear of food and debris on the go. Being prepared for every orthodontic situation while traveling is best to fix any discomforts along the way. Pack a few necessary orthodontic tools including orthodontic wax, floss threaders, a mouthguard, and a proxabrush too.


Choose Healthy Snacks

Sugary treats don’t make for the best snacks while traveling for a few reasons. For one, sugar gives kids energy which makes it difficult to sit still in a car or on an airplane, and sugary treats also lead to tooth decay. When packing up snacks, choose healthy options that are better for your health and better for your teeth. Kids love fruit cups and veggie sticks for easy snacking and don’t forget to pack water to keep everyone hydrated too.

Chew Gum

When you’re unable to brush after meals and snacks, a piece of sugar-free gum is the next best thing. Chewing gum helps to neutralize acids, and minimize the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. It also increases saliva flow to wash away any extra debris, which keeps your mouth clean and freshens your breath.

Stick To Your Routine

No matter where the road takes you, make sure to keep up with your regular dental routines. Brushing and flossing every day is an excellent opportunity for families to spend time together. Brushing as a family is an excellent opportunity to set a great example for your kids.


Schedule a Dental Appointment

Before you leave town, schedule an appointment to ensure everyone has healthy teeth and gums. Minimizing the odds of any underlying issues can lessen the chances that you will find yourself in a dental emergency.

Let Hinsdale Dentistry help you get your smile vacation ready by calling to schedule an appointment for everyone in the family today.