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Chicagoland Dentist: What To Do In A Dental Emergency
March 5, 2013

We’re never quite sure how we’ll react in a crisis until that disaster strikes. How to prepare? We prepare by educating ourselves on potential situations so that our rational selves takes precedence once the event comes to pass. A dental emergency is no different. If you understand what constitutes an emergency, as well as the appropriate steps to take, it’s much more likely that your affected teeth will receive the appropriate care. Our Chicagoland dentist lists the top things to remember about dental emergencies below to prepare you for the day your tooth takes a beating.

We’ll precede the tips with a definition of what a dental emergency is: pain or inflammation of the teeth or gums. We know this seems broad, but it’s important to know that a dental emergency doesn’t need to be a product of sudden trauma to demand immediate care.

What to Consider in A Dental Emergency

  1. If you are in extreme pain or if you have suffered dental trauma, call your dentist immediately. Our Chicagoland dental practice has an emergency system in place, and there will be a Hinsdale dentist on call to aid your with the problem. Immediate action can be key, and make the difference between the tooth pulling through and the tooth dying.
  2. Don’t convince yourself that your dental problem is not important. If it’s preventing you from going about your activities, it needs attention. Putting off the problem can also allow an infection to worsen.
  3. If a tooth has fallen from its socket, save the tooth! Put it into a glass of milk or saltwater and bring it to your Chicagoland dentist.
  4. Rinse with saltwater to minimize infection and apply a cold compress to the area for pain relief. If the area is bleeding, holding moist gauze or a teabag to the site.
  5. Above all, stay calm. We will repair your tooth painlessly!

Keep your Chicagoland dentist’s contact information in your phone so that you have quick access if an emergency strikes.

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