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When to Try a Digital Smile Makeover
September 23, 2016

woman's teeth before and after Hinsdale digital smile makeoverIt always pays to be prepared. And if you’re a particularly careful person, it might feel impossible to try something new without fully knowing what could follow. Your smile is an incredibly important part of your appearance and your life – making changes to it feels like a huge decision. But what if you could test out cosmetic dentistry before you commit?

With LumiSmile, you get that chance. This digital makeover system allows our patients to test-drive Lumineers before committing to the process. It’s as simple as visiting our office and having your photo taken. If you’re interested in envisioning a smile makeover, read on for a quick guide to what you can expect.

 Your LumiSmile Digital Makeover

If you’re interested in Lumineers, don’t hold back from requesting a LumiSmile demo. There’s no commitment required – all you need to do is come by our office. Ask our front desk about getting a digital Lumineers makeover, and we’ll get you started.

  1. We’ll ask you what you’re interested in changing about the appearance of your teeth. Do you have stains that won’t whiten? A gap between two teeth? Crooked incisors? Asymmetry that drives you crazy? Voice your concerns and we’ll discuss whether Lumineers are the right treatment choice. We’ll also prioritize these changes when creating your digital makeover.
  2. We’ll take a photograph of your current smile.
  3. A LumiSmile designer will digitally apply Lumineers to your teeth, crafting a new grin in line with your aesthetic goals. This won’t take long – you’ll be able to relax in the waiting room while we finish up.
  4. We’ll show you your photo and go over the changes made. You’ll receive a photo portfolio to take home and consider while thinking further about choosing Lumineers.
  5. You’ll be able to make the most informed possible decision about moving forward with porcelain veneers.

Patients love getting LumiSmiles – whether you decide to go ahead with treatment or not, the process shows you a fun alternative to your current smile.

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