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5 Pointers for Your Invisalign Treatment
December 12, 2014

Invisalign tips

We want your Invisalign treatment to proceed as smoothly as possible. That’s why Hinsdale Dentistry uses iTero digital impressions, and it’s why we’re writing this blog post. If you keep a few pointers in mind, you’ll be able to sail through Invisalign and reach your final smile all the quicker. After all, Invisalign is all about convenience – wouldn’t you like to do whatever possible to streamline things?

Keep the below tips in mind to see your Invisalign treatment stay as pleasant as possible – and your new grin be completed ASAP.

Top Invisalign Tips for Life During Treatment

  1. Clean your teeth properly – During Invisalign, you’ll need to brush and floss a bit more carefully and more often. You need to ensure your teeth are clean before putting your aligners back in after eating. Otherwise, acids and food particles could be trapped between the aligners and your teeth and cause decay. Carry a travel toothbrush for cleaning on the go, and be sure to floss before bed each night!
  2. Invisalign tips
    Set phone reminders to be sure your treatment stays on track!

    Wear your aligners long enough each day – Patients should wear their aligners between 20-22 hours each day. This might sound easy, but when you factor in the amount of time you spend eating, drinking, and cleaning your teeth, the hours of wear can grow slim. If you need, set timers when your aligners are out, and make sure to replace them right away.

  3. Keep your Invisalign appointments – If you miss an appointment, it may take some time to reschedule, and end up pushing back your treatment process.
  4. Set treatment reminders – When you receive your aligners, set phone or calendar reminders to be sure you switch to new aligners on the appropriate days. You should also record the dates of your check-in appointments to make sure they don’t pass you by (and don’t worry, we’ll remind you when they’re coming up!).
  5. Live your life as usual! Pretend the aligners aren’t there, and enjoy looking like yourself even as you straighten your teeth. If you don’t sweat it, no one will notice your alternative orthodontics.
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