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Is There a Permanent Solution For Halitosis?
March 10, 2021

Suffering from constant bad breath can be an embarrassing issue. While mints or chewing gum can help temporarily mask foul odors, the most effective and permanent halitosis treatment can be found at your local dental office. Chronic bad breath is a condition that needs to be addressed. Our team can help you find the root […]

When To Start Flossing Baby Teeth
February 22, 2021

Most parents have many questions about their child’s oral health at bi-annual dental checkups because the state of a child’s teeth is a direct reflection on your oral hygiene efforts as a parent. One of the questions we hear most from parents is when to start flossing baby teeth. As soon as baby teeth emerge […]

Dry Socket Remedies After Tooth Extraction
February 9, 2021

Experiencing sharp pain after the extraction of a tooth is the most common indication that you’re experiencing a dry socket. The explicit and painful throbbing in the jaw typically develops within three days after having a tooth removed, but it can happen at any time. Experiencing dry sockets is an uncomfortable experience and one that […]

The Lumineers Process: Step-By-Step
February 4, 2021

Lumineers are the ideal solution for anyone self-conscious about their smile. Dental Lumineers can restore your confidence and create the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. These ultra-thin porcelain slips fit perfectly over your teeth to make them look aesthetically perfect, white, and beautiful. If you’re searching for a way to eliminate discoloration and straighten crooked […]

5 Dental Issues Brought On By Stress
January 30, 2021

Everyone manages stress in their unique way; however, when your methods lead to dental issues, you may need to re-think your stress management techniques. Teeth grinding is the most commonly found acute physical response to stress, but plenty of others can trigger stress. If you find yourself suffering from one (or several) of these dental […]

iTero Digital Scanning: The Future of Dental Impressions
December 29, 2020

Suffering through gooey dental impressions are a thing of the past at Hinsdale Dentistry. If you have been putting off necessary dental work because of the impression process, take relief in knowing that there is a modern alternative. Digital scanning from iTero allows for better-fitting restorations in less time. Digital scanning can be used for […]

Test Drive The Look of Lumineers With a Trial Smile
December 13, 2020

In the past, patients didn’t have much insight into how their smile would look after having veneers placed. Results were only visible after veneers were permanently bonded to the teeth’ surface, which made the entire process unsettling for some patients. Modern innovation at Hinsdale Dentistry has enabled us to provide our patients with the opportunity […]

7 Reasons Why Teeth Are More Sensitive In The Winter
November 28, 2020

The winter season is filled with holidays and cozy nights curled up by a fire, but the colder months can also be filled with health challenges that you may not experience at other times of the year. Your teeth expand and contract in response to extreme heat and cold. Over time, this can lead to […]

5 Lifestyle Factors That Can Lead To Teeth Grinding
November 14, 2020

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is an involuntary habit that causes destructive effects in the mouth and other facial structures, and it is a condition that affects individuals at any age. People are often made aware of the fact that they are grinding their teeth in different ways. Whether it’s by being told by your partner, […]

What Is Tooth Enamel (and How It Gets Damaged!)
October 29, 2020

Your teeth are an incredible part of your body, and they are capable of amazing things. Teeth make it possible for you to chew and ingest solid foods, in addition to many other things, so long as they’re in working order. Read on to learn all about tooth enamel, how it gets damaged, and what […]

10 Hydrating Foods That Are Great For Your Teeth
October 14, 2020

It’s no secret that drinking water is great for your health. Our bodies are made up of 60% water, so staying hydrated helps your system to distribute healthy nutrients, eliminate waste, keeps your muscles moving, and it’s even great for your teeth. Incorporating more water into your diet is one of the best things you […]

Finding Permanent Relief From Tooth Sensitivity
September 13, 2020

Experiencing tooth sensitivity is incredibly common. In fact, according to the Journal of American Dentistry, roughly 1 in 8 people suffer from the discomfort that accompanies sensitive teeth. Many assume that their sensitivity results from genetics; however, there are specific factors that often trigger tooth sensitivity, and it’s not an irreversible condition. Hinsdale Dentistry is […]

Common Factors That Contribute To Tooth Sensitivity
September 13, 2020

Experiencing tooth sensitivity can be painful and life-altering. While there are various types and levels, sensitivity tends to be most noticeable when the teeth are exposed to something hot or cold, or while enjoying something sweet or sour. To effectively treat tooth sensitivity, you must first understand the leading causes behind the painful condition. Read […]

The Truth About Mercury Fillings
August 14, 2020

Concerns over the safety of old mercury amalgam fillings have increased as many patients focus more on their overall health and well-being. At one point, these silver fillings were your only option if you needed a restoration treatment from tooth decay. However, most dental practices no longer offer amalgam billings, partly due to associated health […]

Is Your Snoring a Sign of a Bigger Health Issue?
August 14, 2020

Snoring, without any other symptoms, does not usually indicate a severe health issue. After all, snoring is simply a “turbulent” flow of air through the nasal passages and the airway. This turbulence causes the soft tissues of the nose, palate, and throat to vibrate, which makes a rasping sound. That being said, snoring can be […]

5 Tips To Make Invisalign Attachments Less Obvious
July 13, 2020

Invisalign is the most comfortable way to correct teeth misalignment. The entire Invisalign treatment process is almost undetectable to those around you because it’s made from a merely transparent material. Some treatment plans will require attachments, which are small dots that stick to your teeth’ surface to ensure your teeth shift more efficiently. If you’re […]


An essential part of maintaining excellent dental health is brushing your teeth twice a day for a full two minutes. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that the toothbrush they’ve chosen may be detrimental to their oral health. After all, with all of the toothbrushes available on the market today, ranging from soft to hard bristles, […]

5 Easy Ways To Add Fluoride Into Your Daily Routine
June 13, 2020

Fluoride is nicknamed “nature’s cavity fighter” for a reason. This naturally occurring compound substantially reduces the chance of developing cavities. It is critical that you consume just enough fluoride for your dental health needs without overdoing it. Here are five easy ways to add fluoride into your daily routine to ensure you are getting the […]


A gummy smile can be aesthetically unpleasing for several reasons, and those who are self-conscious about their grin often try to cover their mouths when they laugh or smile to avoid showing their teeth. Don’t let a gummy smile prevent you from being the most confident version of yourself, and find a solution with aesthetic […]

What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health
May 24, 2020

The look and feel of your tongue can sometimes indicate symptoms of other health conditions, such as diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, and even scarlet fever. Our tongues play a crucial role in our ability to taste and swallow food. Additionally, your tongue can provide your dentist with clues to both your oral health and your overall […]

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