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How to Get a Cavity-Free Smile at Home
March 22, 2017

Nobody likes learning that they have a cavity (or 2 or 3). But only the extremely lucky seem to make it through exams without ever turning up some decay. How can you join that special group? Changing a few of your home habits could make a significant difference. When was the last time you checked […]

How Young is Too Young for Botox?
February 24, 2017

Nobody likes looking in the mirror and noticing new wrinkles on their skin. While there are thousands upon thousands of anti-aging creams, masks, and in-office treatments available, those are tackling fine lines & wrinkles that already exist. What if you could prevent facial lines in the first place? More and more people interested in preventative […]

Teeth Whitening Puts Your Best Face Forward
January 9, 2017

We all want to look our best. But sometimes, reaching that happy place can be an elusive process. Feel like you’ve done everything possible to give your appearance a boost, and still not liking what you’re seeing? It may be time to tend to your teeth. Our smiles are inherent components of who we are. […]

You Deserve Dental Anxiety-Free Care
December 13, 2016

If you’ve been feeling anxious about dental care for years, it probably seems like an inevitable part of life. But deciding to improve your dental anxiety is going to lead to huge changes – and an entirely new view of the dentist’s office. Don’t give up on entrenched fears. If you start approaching your dental […]

What to Do: Dental Emergency During the Holidays
November 19, 2016

Don’t let a holiday party send you scrambling for an after-hours dental office’s number! Ever spent a Christmas day frantically trying to find a dentist who would take an emergency call? If so, you know the pain, frustration, and sheer panic a holiday dental emergency can cause. While we do everything possible to see our […]

How to Win Invisalign
October 26, 2016

Invisalign doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for orthodontic treatment that prioritizes your needs as a patient, seek no further. That said, Invisalign is unlike any treatment you’ve had before, so it’s wise to prepare. The tips in our infographic will have you flying through the process and emerging with a stunning smile. […]

When to Try a Digital Smile Makeover
September 23, 2016

It always pays to be prepared. And if you’re a particularly careful person, it might feel impossible to try something new without fully knowing what could follow. Your smile is an incredibly important part of your appearance and your life – making changes to it feels like a huge decision. But what if you could […]

Seniors’ Oral Health Questions: What to Watch For
August 18, 2016

Your golden years should be spent pursuing what makes you happy – not sitting in the dentist’s office. But for many seniors, their lives become more complicated as their dental health falters. Certain health changes take hold that lead to a higher risk of periodontal disease, cavities, oral cancer, and other pressing concerns. But being […]

Meet Our New Dentist, Dr. Jon!
July 21, 2016

We’re thrilled to introduce a new dentist to our patients: meet Dr. Jon Asimakopoulos! A lifelong Chicagoland resident, he’s overjoyed to be able to give back to the community with superior family dental care. Dr. Jon will be joining Dr. Harnois and Dr. Mike to provide our patients the the unparalleled level of service that […]


What’s in a smile? A whole lot, according to literature, poetry, films, and dozens of long-standing platitudes. Now, we’re learning that those intangible notions are rooted in scientific fact. A study of human responses to facial expressions shows that the shape of the mouth is the top determining physical feature in evaluating someone’s approachability. This […]

10 Ways to Get Kids to Love the Dentist
June 3, 2016

Fear of the dentist’s office runs rampant, and children are some of the most affected patients. Between their uncertainty over what awaits them in the office, their association of dental treatment with potential discomfort or anxiety, and the simple fact that appointments just aren’t that exciting, many kids would rather be almost anywhere else. And […]

Oral Health for Seniors is More Important Than Ever
April 13, 2016

The more we learn about connections between different aspects of our health, the more important daily brushing and flossing become. Your oral health not only dictates the appearance and function of your smile, but can also impact other parts of your body and common conditions. While new studies aren’t yet definitive (they require more background […]

Taking the Dental Implant Plunge
March 9, 2016

Been considering tooth replacement? Here’s what to know before your dental implant consultation We can’t possibly sum up dental implants in just one blog post. These small titanium screws have transformed tooth restoration, improving stability, appearance, and function. If you’ve been considering implants, learning more will help you discover whether they’re right for your needs. […]

What Type of Dental Sedation is Best for Me?
February 10, 2016

Make your next dental procedure a day at the beach! At Hinsdale Dentistry, we believe that your dental care can be a positive part of your day. If you have dental anxiety, we know that sounds like an impossibility. But sedation really does transform the patient experience. If you’ve never tried sedation dentistry, we urge […]

Never Underestimate the Power of Healthy Teeth
December 11, 2015

We tend to take our teeth for granted – after all, they do so much for us, but we can count on them to stick around as long as we take good enough care of them. But the ramifications of our oral health extend past our mouths, so it’s time to give our grins a […]

Dental Emergency-Free Holidays
November 12, 2015

How can you enjoy your holiday treats without ending up facing a cavity-filled smile? We see it every holiday season – the number of dental emergencies goes through the roof. With all the sweets, special events, and celebrating, oral health can fall by the wayside, and we end up treating our teeth with less care […]

Are Your Kids’ Teeth in Danger?
September 22, 2015

From the moment your child is born, you do everything possible to make sure he or she is happy, healthy, and achieving their dreams. What if we told you that this can be accomplished with closer attention to their teeth? There are lesser-known threats to your children’s teeth than candy. Make yourself aware of these […]

Meet High-Tech Dental Care
July 14, 2015

Lasers aren’t just for light shows – they make a big difference in your dental treatment So many patients are looking to improve their dental experience. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, an invasive upcoming procedure, or years without dental care, you’re looking for the best possible experience. We find that high-tech dentistry makes that possible. […]

How to Love Going to the Dentist
May 14, 2015

Not jumping for joy at the thought of a dental appointment? That can change! Do you love going to the dentist? We’ve met so many patients who struggle with dental anxiety – and we’ve helped so many of them transform the way the see the office. When you’re expecting discomfort and awkwardness, it’s hard to […]

Is Invisalign Worth It?
March 23, 2015

Trying to figure out if Invisalign is the right step? We completely understand – orthodontic treatment is a big commitment, both emotionally and financially. But there are reasons why Invisalign is not the orthodontic treatment you expect. When you consider the benefits of alternative straightening, you’re likely to find that they outweigh the negatives. Looking […]