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Are All Toothpaste Options the Same?
August 18, 2018

We hear this question a lot from our patients, and it’s a great question you should be asking. Often when we go to the drugstore for our list of daily essentials, you will find an entire wall of toothpaste options. Some whiten, some are for sensitive teeth, and the ingredients lists all seem to vary […]

How To Add Flossing To Your Brushing Routine
August 11, 2018

For most people, brushing their teeth for the recommended twice a day is pretty simple and the habit itself is easy to stick to. So why is adding in flossing so difficult to do for so many? Unlike brushing your teeth after sliding your tongue across and feeling the “fuzzy” texture, the benefits of flossing […]

What are No-Prep Veneers, Anyway?
July 22, 2018

Porcelain veneers aren’t exactly new when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain Veneers have been widely used for decades but were used more for dental restoration than anything else. So why the sudden increase in popularity? One word. Lumineers. Lumineers vs. Traditional Porcelain Veneers There are some major differences between the traditional Porcelain Veneer and […]

Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids
July 7, 2018

Summer break is a dream come true for most kids, and why wouldn’t it be? Three months filled with riding bikes, playing outside until it’s dark, swimming with friends, and those sweet summer snacks. But how well do you really know the sugar content in your kid’s go-to treats? Hidden sugars are the fastest way […]

Top Dental Problems for College Students
June 23, 2018

The phrase “broke college student” rings true for many 20 somethings who are out of the house and away from their parents for the very first time. Learning how to navigate through life on their own can have many challenges and a steep learning curve, and making routine trips to the dentist for cleanings and […]


They say hindsight is 20/20 and like so many other experiences in life, Invisalign treatments are no different. As patients look back on their Invisalign experiences, these are the top tips from real people just like you and what they wish they would have known before beginning treatment. Your Teeth Are Going To Need Some […]


Anxiously awaiting your Invisalign consultation to finally obtain the straight smile of your dreams? Get the most out of your consultation by asking these top questions at your appointment so you leave the office knowing exactly what to expect and what the process is going to be like for you. What You Need To Know […]

Why You’re Probably Brushing Your Teeth Wrong
May 6, 2018

By this point in your life as an adult, you’re well aware that the American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day. While brushing your teeth is undoubtedly one of the most important things you can do to take care of your oral health, most adults are making several mistakes when it comes […]

Should I Get a Second Opinion on Dental Work?
April 15, 2018

You just had your teeth cleaned and examined by your dentist, and they found a long list of problems and issues with an even longer estimated invoice. How do you know if you can trust everything your dentist is recommending, and how do you know what is urgent, and what could potentially wait? Sound all […]

Identifying the Best Way to Whiten Your Stained Teeth
April 11, 2018

You’ve probably seen the commercials that suggest holding a tissue to your teeth and comparing the color of your enamel to the bright white of the tissue. But have you given yourself the “tissue test” to see if you pass with flying colors, or if your teeth are more dark and dingy than you even […]

Will Straightening My Teeth Improve Oral Health?
March 10, 2018

Orthodontic treatments aren’t just for giving you a straight smile. Correcting crooked teeth will also result in better oral health because having crooked and overcrowded teeth can make great oral hygiene difficult to achieve. Can you benefit from a straighter, healthier smile? Health Benefits of Straight Teeth Your crooked teeth can be direct cause of […]

When Should My Child Have Their First Dental Exam?
March 5, 2018

  As a new parent, there is a long list of milestones your child will achieve throughout their first year of life. You may not even realize one of the most important ones until you get a notification from your baby tracker app – first dentist appointment! As a general guideline, the American Academy of […]

Caring for Your Porcelain Veneers
January 16, 2018

You have invested a significant amount of time and money into restoring your smile with the help from porcelain veneers. Once you have corrected your cracked, crooked or chipped teeth, the next step is protecting your investment by taking proper care of your stunning new smile. While veneers are extremely durable, making them last for […]

How Much Will I Pay for Invisalign?
December 22, 2017

You may have been considering braces for years, and with today’s convenient Invisalign option, you’re ready to take that first step towards the smile you’ve always coveted. But how much is that dream smile going to really cost you? How much should I budget for alternative orthodontics? Just like traditional braces, the cost of alternative […]

The Worst Drinks for Your Teeth May Surprise You
December 18, 2017

The truth is, almost everyone is consuming too much sugar because of the way this sweet ingredient is added into almost every food and beverage out there. Sugar makes foods taste better, which makes it a common additive in many packaged products. Because sugars presence isn’t always easily detected, it can be easy to consume […]

Are You Confident in Your Smile? Try This Test
November 15, 2017

It’s simple – give yourself a big smile in the mirror. Are you comfortable? Or are you eager to look away? Countless people put up with grins that they’re not completely happy with – but making a change doesn’t have to mean expensive, complex dental work. Learn more about affordable, straightforward ways to make aesthetic […]

Why a Cold Can Cause Tooth Pain
November 3, 2017

Everyone experiences that same moment of panic when you wake with a throbbing toothache, but don’t start stressing about a cavity just yet! If your toothache is accompanied by a stuffy nose, headache or sinus pain and pressure, then that tender tooth could be connected. When your body contracts a sinus infection, inflammation or head […]

How Often Should I Whiten my Teeth?
October 22, 2017

We all want that brightest-white Hollywood smile – but not at the expense of our dental health. Overdoing teeth whitening treatments can put your teeth at risk for other issues, some of which can be permanent, so it’s important to know how often you should be whitening before you’re looking at a big problem in […]

How Many Dental Exams Do I Need Each Year?
October 9, 2017

How often do you actually need to visit the dentist? We know the office isn’t most patients’ favorite place, and we want to help you get onto the exam schedule that makes the most sense. While there is an official recommendation for how often the “average” patients should visit, we’d love to give you more […]

How to Overcome a Fear of Needles
September 24, 2017

Do you have a phobia? More specifically – does it prevent you from receiving the level of healthcare that you deserve? For those with a fear of needles (known as trypanophobia), the struggle is ongoing. Something that seems relatively perfunctory to most of use – like a vaccination or giving blood – is a fight […]