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Never Underestimate the Power of Healthy Teeth
December 11, 2015

benefits of healthy teethWe tend to take our teeth for granted – after all, they do so much for us, but we can count on them to stick around as long as we take good enough care of them. But the ramifications of our oral health extend past our mouths, so it’s time to give our grins a little more attention. From systemic health to emotional health to even your social life, your smile affects it all. Keep reading to learn just why you should be giving your smile the respect it deserves, and how to keep it in great shape.

Your Smile Within Your Life

Healthy teeth mean a healthy state of mind! Your oral health is connected to your:

  • Whole body health – Emerging research is showing connections between gum disease and systemic health problems like heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and some cancers. While there hasn’t yet been definitive evidence that a link exists, these findings offer some additional motivation for keeping your gums healthy. And when you consider that periodontal disease is the top cause of tooth loss, it becomes even more important to keep out of your life.
  • Confidence – Your confidence is based on many different aspects of your appearance, personality, relationships, and place in life. It’s complicated! But healthy teeth have a big impact on your self esteem. You not only feel good about the way your smile looks, but also about the fact that you’re cavity-free.
  • Appearance – Healthy teeth are beautiful teeth! When your teeth are clean and cavity-free, they look brighter and stronger. Keeping your mouth clear of disease will help you look younger and more put-together.

Hoping to give your oral health a boost in 2016? Start off by scheduling a dental exam today! It’s never too early to set up your next appointment and engage with your health.

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