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Dental Lumineers: A versatile cosmetic treatment option
November 14, 2011

There are conditions we experience that we would change if we could. One of them is an imperfect smile. A visit to your Oak Brook dental provider to discuss dental Lumineers could be the first step to resolving this situation.

A Lumineer is a specific type of dental veneer that is available to restore your smile because of stained, cracked or crooked teeth. And unlike other porcelain veneers, Lumineers are applied directly to your teeth without having to remove any of your tooth structure. This feature allows the patient to have the process reversed and the Lumineers removed, if needed.

What is the purpose of a dental veneer? A veneer is a cover made to fit the front of the tooth or teeth being enhanced. A dental Lumineer is made of a very thin material that is placed on the tooth to cover up stain or hide unsightly decay or other dental deficiencies.

With a traditional dental veneer, a portion of your tooth structure is removed to place the veneer. As a result, this veneer becomes a permanent restoration.

With dental Lumineers, your cosmetic dentist will create a model of your teeth and make your Lumineers to match the shape and shade of your natural teeth. And since Lumineers are placed directly on your teeth with no invasive removal of tooth structure, this also means no need to undergo any type of sedation or inconvenient shots where your mouth is “frozen” for several hours.

Dental Lumineers are versatile, convenient and can be a more economical choice to resolve your dental dilemma. In two visits to your dental office, you can emerge with the smile you’ve dreamed about. No more stain or dental issues to hide. You can once again show off your confident smile.

Of course, as with any dental procedure, a consultation with your cosmetic dentist will provide all the information needed to make an educated decision on the best course of treatment. But if you have reached the point where smiling is embarrassing, dental Lumineers may offer the perfect solution.

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