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Benefits of BIOLASE® Waterlase®
March 13, 2012

For years, the dental drill has been the only tool available to remove decayed material from a tooth. Innovations in laser technology, though, have brought tools such as the BIOLASE® Waterlase® to modern dentistry. Laser dentistry reduces discomfort, noise, vibration and even the time spent in the dentist’s chair, making it easier for patients to have their teeth treated—even patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

How BIOLASE® Waterlase® Works

One of the reasons the traditional drill causes discomfort is because it removes tissue using friction. This friction creates heat as well as vibrations, which jar surrounding tissue and lead to discomfort.

The Waterlase® device uses a combination of a cool laser and a water spray to gently remove either hard or soft tissue for various dental procedures. The laser excites the water molecules in the spray as well as the water that exists naturally in the oral tissues. Waterlase® does not produce heat or vibration, greatly reducing the discomfort of tissue removal. Most patients will not even require local anesthesia during their treatment. In addition, treatment is faster than with a traditional drill. Many people who have suffered from severe dental anxiety in the past have been able to receive relaxed, comfortable treatment with laser dentistry performed with Waterlase®. [pullquote]The device uses a combination of a cool laser and a water spray to gently remove either hard or soft tissue for various dental procedures.[/pullquote]

BIOLASE® Waterlase® can be used for a variety of dental procedures, including:

  • Cavity removal
  • Preparing the tooth for a filling
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Gum recontouring

Waterlase® can make any of these procedures easier and more comfortable, reducing your anxiety as well as your time in the dentist chair.

Advantages of BIOLASE® Waterlase®

In addition to reduced discomfort, the Waterlase® offers other advantages over the traditional drill. These advantages include:

  • It is more accurate than a traditional drill, preventing damage to adjacent teeth
  • It automatically seals incisions, reducing bleeding and the chance of infection
  • Removal of decayed tissue is more accurate, so less of the tooth is removed

The BIOLASE® Waterlase® procedure can make your experience with the dentist much less stressful. Call Hinsdale Dentistry today at 630-323-4468 to learn more and to schedule your consultation.

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